Placement year scholarships for 2014 entry students

Thanks to our range of scholarships, we estimate that the majority of Aston students will not pay a fee for their placement year or be entitled to a £1,000 scholarship.

We want to encourage as many students as possible to take a placement year or year abroad, so we have set the tuition fee for this year at just £1,000. Thanks to our range of scholarships, we estimate the majority of Aston students will not pay a fee for their placement year.

You will receive a full £1,000 tuition fee discount/Scholarship in 2016-17  if:

  • your household income is £25,000 or below and live in Aston University campus accommodation in First Year - making you eligible for a National Scholarship Programme (NSP) Scholarship. The NSP is only available to English students.
  • you have A Level grades AAB plus (or equivalent) - making you eligible for the Aston Excellence Scholarship 
  • you take an unpaid placement, or take a work or study placement abroad - making you eligible for the Aston Placement Scholarship (see below).
  • If you are eligible for a placement scholarship, but are studying Pharmacy, which has a pre-registration year after graduation rather than a placement year, you will receive a £1,000 tuition fee discount/bursary/scholarship in your third year.

Please note that placement year scholarships apply once only. For example, the Aston Excellence Scholarship and the National Scholarship each include a full £1,000 discount on your placement year tuition fees. If you are eligible for both these scholarship schemes, you will only get the placement year scholarship once.

Aston Placement Scholarship for unpaid placement years or work/study placements abroad

Most Aston placement students are paid a salary by their employer, but if you take an unpaid placement year, or a work or study placement abroad, you will receive a full £1,000 discount on your tuition feeor £1,000 bursary for that year.

The Aston Placement Scholarship is not based on household income.

You do not need to apply for placement year scholarships. The University will automatically assess your eligibility using:

  • your A Level (or equivalent) results. Information provided by UCAS. (Aston Excellence Scholarship)
  • your household income. Information provided by the results of your application to Student Finance England, Student Finance Wales, Student Finance Northern Ireland, Student Awards Agency for Scotland or Student Finance Services (EU students). (Household income scholarship)
  • information on whether your placement is unpaid. This will be on your Aston student record. (Aston Placement Scholarship).

When will I know I've been awarded a scholarship?

We will let you know at the start of your placement year or once your placement details have been finalised. We'll contact you on your Aston email address.

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