Undergraduate Scholarships for 2012 Starters

You are eligible for these Scholarships if you are a Home or EU student who started the first year of an undergraduate course (full-time) in 2012.

Your scholarship eligibility will be based on your household income and/or academic performance. Most are not limited by number, so if you're eligible, you'll get a scholarship.

Scholarships at a Glance

  First year  Second year  Placement year Final year  Total 
 Household income-based scholarships »
 Up to £14,500, and you are living in Aston University accommodation in your first year - National Scholarship Programme (NSP) £3,000   £500 £1,000  £500  £5,000 
Up to £18,000 and not eligible for the NSP - Aston Advantage Scholarship £1,000  £500  £1,000  £500  £3,000 
 Household income between £18,001 and £42,000  - Aston Progression Scholarship £500  £500  * £500  £1,500 

Aston Excellence Scholarship »
for students with AAB or above at A Level (or equivalent) 

£1,000 £1,000 £1,000  £1,000 £4,000 
 Aston Placement Scholarship »
 for students taking unpaid placements or taking a study or work placement abroad
    £1,000   £1,000 


Payment methods

If you started your undergraduate studies in 2012 and you are eligible for a scholarship, you’re scholarship will be paid as a tuition fee discount.

* You may still be eligible for a placement scholarship.

If you are unsure of your eligibility, please contact the hub

Please note

  • If eligible, you can receive an Aston Excellence Scholarship and a household income-based scholarship

  • If you are eligible for more than one type of scholarship, the full £1,000 placement year tuition fee waiver only applies once.

Terms & Conditions

Full entry policy for scholarships

The information on these pages is provided for illustration purposes only and the scholarships outlined within it are subject to change. 

The Student Finance England website has further details on the definitions of household income and other issues such as domicile status (ie: to find out whether you are classed as a UK or English student).

Student with financial difficulties

Student with financial difficulties