Household income based scholarships

Income Based Scholarships

If your family’s household income is £18,000 or less, you’re entitled to an income-based scholarship.

Aston offers scholarships based on your household income - the amount your family earns each year before tax and National Insurance. These scholarships help to ensure that anyone who is qualified to come to Aston University can do so, regardless of their financial circumstances.

Scholarships based on household income are provided as a discount on the cost of campus accommodation in the first year of study. In the placement year they can be taken as tuition fee discounts or to support living costs.

  First year  Placement year Total 

Aston Aspire Scholarship

Under £18,000, UK domiciled and living in Aston University accommodation.
£1,000 accommodation
£1,000 Placement Scholarship


*Please note that placement year scholarships apply once only. For example, The Aston Excellence Scholarship and some of our income-based scholarships include a £1,000 placement scholarship. If you are eligible for both these scholarship schemes, you will only get the placement scholarship once. The Aston placement year fee is £1,000. 

Income-based scholarships are assessed on an annual basis via Student Finance England or equivalent so are not guaranteed in subsequent years.

If you have any questions about your entitlement to a scholarship, please get in touch with the Hub at Aston who will offer you support and advice.