Placement year scholarships for 2017 entry

Placement Scholarship Banner

£1,250 Aston Placement Scholarship: A placement year or a study year abroad is integrated into many of Aston’s degrees. The fee for this year is heavily reduced at £1,250 with loans available from the UK Government. Living cost loans are also available for UK students. Most placement students are paid a salary by their employer, but the Aston Placement Scholarship can be taken to support living expenses for UK & EU students.

To be eligible:

  • You take an unpaid placement year or you take a study or work placement abroad 

Your placement year scholarships can be applied once only. For example, The Aston Excellence Scholarship and some of our income-based scholarships include a £1,250 placement scholarship. If you are eligible for both these scholarship schemes, you will only get the placement scholarship once.

When will know if I have the Scholarship?

We will let you know at the start of your placement year or once your placement details have been finalised.

More questions?

For more information see our Scholarships Policy.