Aston Progression Pathways


The Aston Progression Pathways (APP) programme seeks to empower Year 12 students who are considering studying a STEM subject at university to confidently make decisions about their progression to higher education. 

The 18-month programme consists of one-to-one in-school mentoring and a three day non-residential Summer Research Programme run by our world-class academics on campus. APP students also receive guaranteed places on all subject enrichment conferences & taster sessions run by Aston University. 

This sustained programme of activity aims to raise students’ aspirations, improve their motivation to pursue a STEM related degree and provide them with knowledge, skills and experiences that will enhance their UCAS application. 

  • Provide them with an undergraduate Aston mentor who can offer additional support and tuition throughout their A-Level study 
  • Provide them with guidance on applying to university, as well as career advice and study skills support
  • Empower them to make decisions and be more confident about their progression to university 
  • Equip them with knowledge and skills which will enhance their UCAS application and help them to improve their academic attainment
  • Give them the opportunity to attend subject enrichment conferences & masterclasses in Year 13
  • Allow them to experience what it’s like to study a STEM subject at one of UK’s top universities
  • Ease their transition to university 

The APP programme has a flexible start date ranging from November 2017 to January 2018, as this gives you the opportunity to consider which Year 12 students will benefit from the scheme during the first term of the new academic year. 

  • 10 - 12 weeks of mentoring: sessions to be based around STEM focussed tutoring, study skill support and revision techniques, as well as higher education guidance, work experience and CV advice 
  • July: Intensive Summer Study Programme (see below for further details)
  • October - May: In Year 13, APP students will be able to access Aston University through guaranteed places on any Academic Taster Session, Subject Enrichment Conference or employer engagement event that is relevant to their studies. Year 13 activities to include pharmacy and optometry conferences. 

The Aston Intensive Summer Study Programme will provide students with an opportunity to gain a detailed, hands-on insight into undergraduate study.

This three day non-residential programme will allow APP students to embark on a subject specific STEM learning experience at Aston University. APP students will receive lectures from our world-class academics and postgraduate tutors, will be involved in interactive workshops, will run experiments within some of our university laboratories and advanced research facilities, and will have access to independent learning spaces to complete a piece of academic piece of work.  

During the application process students will be asked to rank in order of preference the four STEM subject streams available for the Intensive Summer Study Programme. Students will only participate in one stream - however we cannot guarantee that they will all receive their first choice. 

Transition from sixth form to higher education is a daunting prospect particularly for those with little or no family history of higher education. This programme will provide students with an exclusive insight into undergraduate study, enabling them to sample university level teaching and learning.  

The nature of the programme aims to bridge the gap between A-level and undergraduate study, easing transition by providing students with a realistic insight into, and understanding of university study.