Gifted and Talented Activities at Aston University

Following the success of Aston University’s Gifted and Talented programmes which have been running since 2005, Aston will continue to offer a wide range of Materclasses, Subject Conferences and specific G & T activities. 

Aston University is leading the West Midlands Excellence Hub, a consortium of 10 universities in the region, working together with the West Midlands Gifted and Talented Partnership.

The programme for 2011/2012 is still being finalised but will include Sixth form Conferences, Masterclasses and much more. We are happy to arrange bespoke raising aspiration days for schools. Please see below for examples of recent Gifted and Talented events.

Recent Events:

English Language Sixth Form Conference: July 2011

This event was one of the Languages and Social Sciences Sixth form Conferences held at Aston this year. It provided an excellent opportunity for students to attend a series of lectures from expert academics on topics such as Language, Gender and Leadership, New Media and E-Communication, Forensic Linguistics, Metaphor and Identity in Written Texts and Accent and Dialect.

'Healthy Lives, Healthy People': July 2011 

Midlands Health Academy, Aimhigher and Aston University's School of Life and Health Sciences hosted this event for Year 8 students who were considering careers in health. Over 330 students attended and took part in interactive activities such as looking after a SIM-Baby, performing muscle strengthening exercises and taking an eye test.

Pharmacy and Optometry Day: November 2010

This event consisted of two separate programmes, one for each subject, designed to give Year 12 students a taster of what it would be like to study these subjects at university. All students were able to have a tour of the campus to see the facilities that Aston has to offer, they also received sample lectures in their chosen subject. Information was given on how to apply to study Optometry and Pharmacy at university and students had the excellent opportunity to speak to undergraduate students who are currently studying the courses.

‘Work, Rest and Play with the Microbes’ November 2007, 2008, 2009, June 2010 

This Microbiology Guest Lecture was offered to students aged 14–19 as part of Aston University’s Gifted and Talented provision for the West Midlands Excellence Hub. The two hour event provided a fantastic opportunity for students to develop their knowledge of Microbiology and to pose questions to academic experts from Aston University’s School of Life and Health Sciences.

Aston and Transport for London Collaborative Event 'Does Transport Need Planning?' September 2008, 2009 & 2010

This 2 day non residential event taking place each year at Aston University and Transport for London will provide students with an opportunity to discover more about the importance of transport planning and the vast array of subjects that can lead into a career in this area. Students will work in teams at Aston to develop a town centre improvement plan taking into account key stakeholders and working within a strict budget. They will present their plans to a TfL panel who will decide on the winning team.

‘Interactive Languages Residential Weekend’

This annual residential event for students of A level standard in French, Spanish or German provided participants with a wonderful opportunity to develop and enhance their communication & language skills through undertaking marketing based activities focussing on the target language & culture. It is also an excellent chance for students to develop their confidence in the target language.

Interactive Languages Day

A one day event at Aston takes place in June each year for students of AS level standard in French, German or Spanish. This event will provide students with a fantastic opportunity to develop their language and communication skills through participation in a range of target language activities focusing on the culture and history of the target language country.

For further information about GT and related activities at Aston, please contact Angela Morris, Excellence Hub and Gifted and Talented Coordinator: morrisa@aston.ac.uk, 0121 204 4787.

Last updated August 2011 by Angela Morris, Excellence Hub and Gifted and Talented Coordinator. Aston University.

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