What our Placement Students think...

“I was lucky enough to spend my year abroad studying at University Laval, Qubec, Canada, alongside my French-speaking counterparts. The whole experience was second to none; not only academically but culturally as well as being great fun! It has certainly reinforced the international element of my degree and has set me apart from other graduates in the global job market.”
Tom Brothwell
Now a graduate trainee for HSBC


"One of the reasons I chose Aston was the industrial placement in the third year. Looking back, it was one of the best decisions! During my placement I worked as an Audience Marketing Manager at Microsoft – doing a real job, with real responsibility. It was a great way to put the theory into practice, and when I went back into my final year, have great examples of practice to illustrate the theory.

I’ve chosen to return to Microsoft as a graduate, so it’s easy to see how important my placement was for my career. The placement year was an opportunity to ‘test drive’ a job, get some real experience and can be a great way to make a name for yourself and ease the path into graduate employment.

My years experience here means that I’m able to take on responsibility much faster, allowing me to gain more experience and get a really fantastic start to my career."

Chris Rothwell, placement at Microsoft, now back at Microsoft as a graduate


“On my Aston placement year I worked for Reuters, the global information provider in their London offices. My job role was as a Web Developer – I played a key role in helping to build some of their internal web systems and was treated as very much part of the team. I’m very glad I took a placement – I’ve learnt and experienced loads of important things that just aren’t possible in university. I was also paid a healthy salary plus bonuses for the year.”

Mark Boosey, placement at Reuters

"...Volunteering has given me transferable skills for employment. I have learnt how to manage my time, work effectively within a team of volunteers, and how to manage responsibility, especially with cash.

My communication skills have been immensely improved because I talk to a range of clients - some speak very little English and others have mental health issues and drug and alcohol problems. I have learnt secretarial and admin skills, as well as passing a food hygiene course." 

Chloe Piper, Sociology Student,  Placement at CSV

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