Placement years - The Aston Advantage

Put what you have learnt on your course into practice, whilst gaining professional experience

A placement year or a year abroad is integrated into many of our degrees. You’ll spend the third year of your course on a work or study abroad placement, or a mixture of both.

The placement year gives you the opportunity to take on graduate-level responsibility and ‘try out’ a career path. You’ll be able to put what you’ve learnt on your course into practice, whilst gaining valuable professional, and often paid, experience.

The fact that over a third of our students are offered graduate jobs by their placement employer, shows how successful Aston’s placement scheme is.  Many employers recruit their placement students fresh from graduation.

Our dedicated Placements Team offer plenty of support to help you find a placement.  We have a team of placement specialists for each school of study - Meet the team.

Support Whilst on Placement
View our Placement Support Handbooks.

Placement fees and scholarships

Students will have a heavily subsidised fee of £1,000 for the placement year, considerable lower than many other Universities. Placement year scholarships will make this year fee free for many.

Why take a placement year?

Improve your job prospects

A placement year enhances your graduate employment prospects and can help you make more informed career decisions. Over a third of our placement students are offered graduate jobs by their placement employer.

Improve your degree results

Aston students who take a placement year consistently get higher results in their degrees than those that don’t.

Work abroad

All our language students have a year abroad, and an increasing number of our students on non-language degrees are taking placements abroad. All first year students will have the opportunity to learn a language for free.  Read about the support we offer students taking a year abroad.

Get paid!

The vast majority of placements are paid and so contribute to your finances as well as your CV! On average our students earn £15,000 on their placement year with many earning significantly more.

An Aston placement year is different

Around 70% of our undergraduate students take a placement year or language year abroad

Aston University is one of only four UK Universities where over 50% of students consistently take a placement years or year abroad and had the highest percentage of all UK Universities in the 2015 UK Government Performance Indicators published via HESA.

Our placements are more than a "bolt-on" year

Unlike some other universities, the placement year at Aston is not a “bolt-on” year, it is an integral part of your degree, which you are prepared in your second year and encouraged to look back on in your final year.

Decades of experience and employer contacts

Aston has over 50 years of experience in providing students with integrated employer placements and was one of the pioneers of this approach to university degrees. 

We have developed relationships with a large number of local, national and international employers, who come back to us year after year to employ our students.

Before your placement, you will be assigned a Placement Tutor who will visit you part-way through your placement to discuss your work and progress and to meet your manager. 

At the end of your placement year you will write a essay or complete a project based on your experience. This will contribute to your final degree result.

Support Whilst on Placement
View our Placement Support Handbooks.


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