Why university?                                                                                                

Increasingly, employers are looking for skilled and educated workers. University offers an excellent opportunity to develop knowledge in a chosen subject and also to develop valuable social skills. Students will work with academic staff and mix with people from various backgrounds whilst studying for their degree.

A degree can help your son/daughter get into an exciting range of careers and gives them the opportunity to fulfill their potential. Graduates tend to earn substantially more than people with A levels who did not go to university- on average around £100,000 over a lifetime.

Students can be any age and come from any background and there are now many ways to enter Higher Education, including A levels, BTEC’s and NVQ’s.

For more information about going to university, or the issues involved either contact a university directly (see Useful Contacts) or use the links below:

UCAS (Universities and Colleges Admissions Service – the system used to apply to universities) also provides information about university and its benefits. Please visit the following website for information on how you can support your son/daughter with their choices and application.http://www.ucas.com/parents

To find out more about what Higher Education options for your son/daughter, please visit http://direct.gov.uk/en/Parents/Schoolslearninganddevelopment/Optionsafterschool/DG_073246

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