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More than 70% of our students go on a placement or year abroad, allowing them to gain paid professional work experience as part of their degree. Many other degrees include a shorter period of integrated work experience.

What is a placement year?

A placement year is where a student spends one year of a four year degree programme outside of the University. This could be working within their chosen field, studying abroad or a mixture of both.  During their placement, students have the opportunity to put into practice what they have learned through their first two years of study and see how this applies to real workplace situations.

Why should students do a placement?

A placement is a fantastic opportunity for your son or daughter to gain real work experience as part of their programme. Many students undertake a paid placement year, with an average salary of £14,000. Studiesshow that a placement enables students to develop a range of skills which enhance their employability and make them highly desirable to graduate recruiters

Are there placement opportunities overseas?

Students may choose to do a work or study placement internationally. There is funding available for home and EU students via Erasmus. For further information students can contact their school placement office.




Will students be supported in getting a placement?


Aston University is committed to ensuring that students have access to quality placement opportunities and support.  Excellent links have been established with regional, national and international employers and each school has an experienced placement team to assist students in finding the right placement and to support them throughout their placement experience.  In addition, Aston University Careers Service provide a wide range of guidance and resources and also organise a placement fair on campus so students can network with employers and find out more about placement opportunities.

Where do students live when they are on placement?

Accommodation is often passed on from another student as many companies are so pleased with Aston students that they advertise placement opportunities year after year. The placements teams may also offer assistance with finding accommodation but ultimately, the responsibility is on the student themselves to find somewhere to live.

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