Parents of International Students                                                                                  


We understand that choosing the right university and study programme is very important to both your and your son or daughter. As parents of international students, your support in this decision-making process is essential.

Like most parents, you may have doubts about  your child studying overseas. However, it is important to remember that your son or daughter will have many opportunities open to them, which they may not have at home. They will learn a different culture, improve their language skills, discover different perspectives and new ideas about the world and improve their career prospects having gained global experience.

International students who have studied in the UK often report that they have increased their confidence, independence, intellectual maturity and appreciation for their own culture.

With students from over 80 countries, Aston University is a popular choice for international students. We recognise and welcome the academic contribution and cultural diversity your son or daughter will bring to our university environment.

At Aston, we take the needs of our international students very seriously and with a strong network of welfare and support. We  continually strive to provide our students with a dynamic and stimulating teaching and learning environment, enabling them to develop skills and knowledge to facilitate  their professional careers.

Staying in touch with your son or daughter is easier and more affordable than ever- with text messages, email, the telephone and postal mail. Before you child leaves, make sure you have their contact details and email address. You may wish to purchase an international calling card for discounted telephone calls and if you don’t yet have one, go online and set up a free email account.

For more information, including entry requirements, finance issues, support and accommodation, please visit our pages for international students.


"I would like to speak to someone about my son or daughter"

We appreciate that parents, family and friends of our students may be concerned about them and we hope our web pages http://www1.aston.ac.uk/current-students/ will provide you with ample information to feel able to support the student in their studies and to assist them in any decisions they need to make. Our duty is to our students and their education and welfare is of utmost importance to us.

Aston students have access to an extensive network of support services for both academic and non-academic issues. There are also processes in place to identify a student who may not be fully engaged with their studies who can then be referred to the relevant support service. A summary of the aspirations and expectations of Aston University and its students is set out our Student Charter http://www1.aston.ac.uk/current-students/student-charter/.

In the interests of respecting student privacy, we are unable to discuss your concerns without the student’s express permission. This is because UK law (the 1998 Data Protection Act) and University policy prohibit the disclosure of an individual's information - except in specific situations.

What to do if you are concerned.

The University will take your concerns seriously. Whilst we cannot discuss a student’s situation/circumstances (without their permission), or even confirm whether they are attending the University, we can contact students and offer appropriate help even if we cannot guarantee that they will choose to take advantage of the support and advice..

During working hours please contact Aston University Student Services at the Hub 0121 204 4007 / email thehub@aston.ac.uk or contact Fiona Troughton, Critical Incident Coordinator on 0121 204 4729 or email f.troughton@aston.ac.uk.

Out of working hours please contact Aston University Security 0121 359 2922 or email security@aston.ac.uk.

Confidentiality in an emergency

Neither University policy nor UK law allows us to disclose any information about a student without their express consent to any third party – even a parent – except in an emergency.

Should there be an emergency, a decision to contact the next of kin is taken on a case by case basis. Students are asked to nominate and keep details of their next of kin up to date on the University system known as MAP (My Aston Portal). We pass next of kin contact details to a hospital only in a medical emergency and if specifically asked to by the hospital.

Hospitals have similar data protection procedures and do not routinely notify Aston University about a student who is in hospital unless the student asks them to do so. It is up to students themselves to inform the University that they are in hospital; some choose not to. If we do have contact with a student in hospital, we suggest that they let their family know, although we cannot do this for them without their permission.


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