Who can help?                                                                                                              

If you think your son/daughter is having difficulties in any aspect of their life at Aston University, there are a wide range of services available for them to access.

If they are having difficulty with the academic aspect of their degree programme, including not understanding the subject area, struggling with assignments, having difficulty with their writing, reading and mathematics skills there are many options available. Students are encouraged to either make contact with the member of academic staff teaching the module they are having difficulty with (all academic staff have office hours clearly displayed where students can book a time to see them). Alternatively, students can also speak to the advisors in the Learning & Development Centre who can offer support and guidance for any study skills (academic writing, mathematics support as well as presentation skills). Students can also speak to a Personal Tutor (or within Aston Business School, a Personal Advisor) in confidence about any aspect of their degree programme.

If students are experiencing difficulties which not related to their academic study there are also many people who can provide support.

For more information, please see the Support Facilities section to this guide.

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