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Aston Students learning

Academic Issues

Students take the equivalent of 12 modules (this can be a mixture of single and double modules) worth 120 credits per year. A single module is worth 10 credits and a double module is worth 20 credits. Ten credits equals 100 learning hours, which includes lectures, tutorials/seminars, personal study and assessment.

To help support teaching and learning, Blackboard™, a Virtual Learning Environment, allows us to deliver teaching materials to students using the Internet. Some modules will have online assessments using this system.

Some degree programmes require students to complete a dissertation in their final year. A dissertation is normally a long report based upon research undertaken by the students themselves.  Not all programmes at Aston University require students to undertake a dissertation.

Independent Learning

The in-class time for a degree programme varies depending on the subject being studied. All programmes at Aston University require the student to carry out independent learning. Formal contact (such as lectures and seminars,) is only part of the teaching and learning structure. Your son or daughter will be expected to study independently in addition to timetabled teaching, (usually for twice as long as they spend in class).

Employable Graduates; Exploitable Research