On Campus


If your son or daughter is going to be living away from home, it is essential that they choose a university that offers accommodation they will like. At Aston University we encourage our first year students to live in our accommodation on campus, and we guarantee a place to all first years that choose Aston as their firm choice University. Our accommodation and campus offer excellent practical support and social facilities, and living on campus is a great way for your son or daughter to meet new friends. Anyone is welcome to apply for accommodation irrelevant of where they live in the UK or beyond, there are no area restrictions.

We are currently developing our campus accommodation and the first of the new residences were completed in autumn 2010. Phase 2 opens on campus in 2013.

Students who choose to live on campus during their studies have a choice of “traditional” accommodation, accommodation in “lakeside” or a room in one of our brand new residences. Traditional accommodation consists of shared flats where the kitchen and bathroom are shared by everyone. All rooms are single, including washbasin.   In Lakeside and the new residencies, each room has its own ensuite bathroom and there are shared kitchen facilities. 

Most flats are mixed but if your son or daughter would prefer to be in a single sex flat, we will try to accommodate this, although it cannot be guaranteed. There is a catering option in the form of pre-paid vouchers for the cafeteria. However, most students prefer to cook for themselves. The shared areas in the accommodation are cleaned but it is the student’s responsibility to keep their bedroom and private space clean.

Telephones are available in all flats however standard rooms do not have phones in each bedroom. All rooms on campus have Internet access via an external Internet Service Provider, and charges are available on arrival. All televisions used on campus require a television licence

The accommodation contract runs for the full residential year-from the beginning of the first term to the end of the third term (in the summer) and includes the Christmas and Easter Vacations. This means that students don’t have to vacate their rooms during the Christmas and Easter holidays and can use them if they would like to.

Accommodation fees are normally paid termly. However, a lump sum can be paid if you prefer. 

For up to date information about our accommodation, please see-  www.aston.ac.uk/study/accommodation


Off Campus


In the second year, there are various options for accommodation.  Many students choose to house share in a suburb of Birmingham called Erdington. A frequent bus service runs between Erdington and the campus which takes around 15 minutes.

Accommodation is fairly easy to find and a list of local landlords can be found at the Advice and Representation Centre. Many Landlords are sympathetic to the needs of students and do not charge for the summer months. However, students should expect to pay rent over holidays such as Christmas and Easter. The average cost for off campus accommodation is around £50 per week, excluding bills.

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