ENROLLING AT ASTON                                                                                                 

There are two stages of enrolment:

1. My Aston Portal (on-line) Enrolment - from 1st September

Once a student has firmly accepted an unconditional place at Aston University, they will be e-mailed their university network account login details from 1st September. These login details are personal to the student and need to be kept safe as they will be used throughout their time at Aston University. 

The e-mail will also include details of how to access our web-based portal, “MAP”, to update personal details and check we have all the correct information. Once this initial stage of enrolment has been completed, more access to the University Portal will be granted and students will be able to perform other tasks, such as upload a photograph for their ID card, register with the library, or request registration letters.

2. University Enrolment Session - during Aston Welcome

Once students arrive at Aston University they will be scheduled for a session to finalise their enrolment with us. Here, ID and qualifications will be checked.

For further information, please read our enrolment guide (PDF) to ensure you have all the correct documentation in advance.

Employable Graduates; Exploitable Research