What to do on results day                                                                                                  

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On results day, students will receive their results either through the post, via the telephone or in person. They need to check with their school/college to find out the method they will use.

Results are transmitted directly to universities.

If a student has met the conditions of the offer they don’t need to do anything but if they wish to reassure themselves they definitely have their place then they can go onto the UCAS website and check their ‘status’. It will show on the website that their offer has been changed to “Unconditional Firm”, i.e. that there are no more conditions for them to meet to be able to take up this place. This is confirmation that they have a place at their firm choice university.

If they have not met the conditions then it is best to check the UCAS website first as university phone lines will be very busy. If a decision has been made then it will appear on the UCAS website. It may be that the student has been given a place despite not meeting the requirements, in which case their status will have changed from CF (Conditional Firm) to UF (Unconditional Firm i.e. no further conditions apply).  In the event that a decision has not been made then it is best to contact the university directly.  A university may still accept a student that has missed the conditions of the offer.

Even if a student has received a rejection from their firm choice university they may have achieved high enough marks to be accepted by their second choice (insurance) university and again this can be checked via the UCAS website.

If a student receives rejections from both firm and insurance universities then they will automatically be entered into the ‘Clearing’ system which helps them to find degree programmes with vacancies. UCAS will send instructions directly to the student. If they are still keen to begin university that year then it is a good idea to begin contacting universities who have listed vacancies on their programmes as soon as possible.

A list of programmes with vacancies (Clearing lists) can be found on the UCAS website and in the Guardian and Times newspapers.  Individual university websites are also a good source of information.

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