Degree awards & modular structure

Most degree courses within the University are BSc (Bachelor of Science) programmes, whilst our Engineering programmes are BEng (Bachelor of Engineering) or MEng (Master of Engineering), and Pharmacy is MPharm (Master of Pharmacy).

It may seem unusual that more social science or arts based courses are still BSc programmes. This is related to Aston roots as one of the UK’s first Technological Universities (we became Aston University in 1966).

Modular degree structure

Like most UK Universities Aston has a modular degree structure. A module is a self-contained unit of teaching, learning and assessment which usually runs for one term.

Each module is worth 10 credits and students take 12 modules in each full academic year to gain 120 credits. Each module is based on 100 hours of study time (including lectures, practicals, tutorials, private study and revision).

Joint Honours students take 60 credits in each of their two subjects every academic year. 

Employable Graduates; Exploitable Research