How you'll learn at Aston

Our teaching sets out to be inspirational and your learning experience is our focus. We offer a variety of learning, teaching and assessment methods tailored to suit the subject area and the aims and learning outcomes of your course.


Lectures are delivered by experienced, enthusiastic academic staff who can discuss the latest developments in their area. Lectures often ‘set the scene’; giving you the first insight into your programme and an idea of the areas you should study in more depth. They also form the basis of your independent study, provide inspiration for further discussion and reading, and provide an introduction to the module learning outcomes.

Tutorials and seminars

Tutorials and seminars expand  on the subject area of a lecture and cover theories, new ideas and connections between subjects. Seminars give you an opportunity to discuss topics linked to your  subject and clarify anything in the lecture that needs further explaining.

Laboratory classes

Laboratory classes will help you develop subject-specific skills but you will also learn generic skills, such as team work. Practicals can give you a sense of how experienced practitioners of your subject area think about problems. Supervisions are small-group teaching sessions. During supervision sessions you can explore and discuss particular aspects of the course, and you are positively encouraged to use these sessions to explore new approaches to learning and topics outside of the lectures.

Aston placement year or year abroad.

Unlike some other universities, Aston's placement year or year abroad is not a “bolt-on” year, it is an integral part of your degree, which you are prepared in your second year and encouraged to look back on in your final year. Your placement year is assessed and will contribute to your final degree result.


Online tools and resources


Blackboard gives you access to one central resource for learning. You will benefit from a simple and more efficient learning tool where all course information, including course content, assignments and discussion topics are stored and accessible from one place.

MAP - My Aston Portal

MAP is a web based system which is a single point of contact for many of the University services you use as a student. With MAP you can access your personalised teaching timetables, module lists, finance and accommodation information. You can also use MAP to keep the University up to date with your current addresses and personal details.  




Learning & teaching facilities

Our academic facilities are modern, easy to access and user-friendly.

Academic excellence in research

Aston is a research-led university, with research infusing and informing teaching at every level.

Employable Graduates; Exploitable Research