Unistats directory

The Unistats record shows full and part time undergraduate courses available for application at Aston University for the next academic year (2018/19). 

Contact hours

At University  the term 'contact hours' is used very broadly to refer to the amount of time that you spend learning in contact with teaching or associated staff, when studying for a particular course. Contact time can take a wide variety of forms depending on your subject, as well as where and how you are studying. Some of the most common examples of contact time are lectures, seminars, practical classes and workshops, but contact time can also include project supervision or external visits, for example. 

Students taking Arts and Humanities courses, such as politics or social sciences, can normally expect a lighter formal  timetable than students in Engineering, Science and Health, who may have laboratory and workshop time scheduled  as well as lectures and seminars, but Arts and Humanities students may also be expected to carry out more additional reading and research.

The Unistats information below gives you a breakdown of Aston’s courses for 2018 entry by stages (normally equivalent to a year of study) and indicates how much scheduled/contact time you can expect and how much time will be spent in independent study. It also sets out how the assessment is broken down between examinations, practicals and coursework. 

Where there is a choice of optional modules, this data is based on the typical learning, teaching and assessment patterns followed by students in the previous year. 

For more information about how Aston courses are structured and assessed do follow the links on the individual course pages.

Course nameCourse stage% Written Exams% Practical Exams% By Coursework% Scheduled Learning% Independant Study% Placements
MPharm Pharmacy27282032653
MPharm Pharmacy17552036631
MPharm Pharmacy37661831681
MPharm Pharmacy430313932671
MOptom Optometry18117233670
MOptom Optometry266171739610
MOptom Optometry362211741590
MOptom Optometry46703318820
MEng Electronic Engineering and...15783541590
MEng Electronic Engineering and...26183145550
MEng Electronic Engineering and...3915488120
MEng Electronic Engineering and...43965558420
MEng Electrical and Electronic...150133744560
MEng Electrical and Electronic...249183344560
MEng Electrical and Electronic...3915488120
MEng Electrical and Electronic...44345358420
MBiol Biological Sciences16603420800
MBiol Biological Sciences26723126740
MBiol Biological Sciences30010000100
MBiol Biological Sciences444233337630
MBiol Biological Sciences513157251490
LLB Law with Management (3 years)17302722780
LLB Law with Management (3 years)24705324760
LLB Law with Management (3 years)364102623770
LLB Law15204822780
LLB Law24805227730
LLB Law30010000100
LLB Law457103320800
Law with Management (4 years)17302722780
Law with Management (4 years)24705324760
Law with Management (4 years)30010000100
Law with Management (4 years)464102623770
Foundation Degree in Hearing Aid...130070355510
Foundation Degree in Hearing Aid...227073195625
BSc Transport Product Design10109036640
BSc Transport Product Design21587745550
BSc Transport Product Design30010000100
BSc Transport Product Design4039763370
BSc Translation Studies Spanish140124816840
BSc Translation Studies Spanish237164721790
BSc Translation Studies Spanish30010000100
BSc Translation Studies Spanish427175615850
BSc Translation Studies German &...133165118820
BSc Translation Studies German &...237184526740
BSc Translation Studies German &...30010000100
BSc Translation Studies German &...428215118820
BSc Translation Studies German128116117830
BSc Translation Studies German219126920800
BSc Translation Studies German30010000100
BSc Translation Studies German419275419810
BSc Translation Studies French and...133165118820
BSc Translation Studies French and...238174524760
BSc Translation Studies French and...30010000100
BSc Translation Studies French and...430323819810
BSc Translation Studies French &...133165118820
BSc Translation Studies French &...236234122780
BSc Translation Studies French &...30010000100
BSc Translation Studies French &...423185916840
BSc Translation Studies French143124516840
BSc Translation Studies French235135223770
BSc Translation Studies French30010000100
BSc Translation Studies French432185018820
BSc Spanish including School Experience12986316840
BSc Spanish including School Experience2688664450
BSc Spanish including School Experience30010000100
BSc Spanish including School Experience436194513870
BSc Spanish and English Language122106819810
BSc Spanish and English Language222205818820
BSc Spanish and English Language30010000100
BSc Spanish and English Language41757815850
BSc Spanish14484816840
BSc Spanish225175815850
BSc Spanish30010000100
BSc Spanish428155715850
BSc Sociology and Spanish125205518820
BSc Sociology and Spanish26083225750
BSc Sociology and Spanish30010000100
BSc Sociology and Spanish43485815850
BSc Sociology and French129205118820
BSc Sociology and French23066415850
BSc Sociology and French30010000100
BSc Sociology and French413206712880
BSc Sociology and English Language112187016840
BSc Sociology and English Language2878515850
BSc Sociology and English Language30010000100
BSc Sociology and English Language4658912880
BSc Sociology & Social Policy125146114860
BSc Sociology & Social Policy22907113870
BSc Sociology & Social Policy30010000100
BSc Sociology & Social Policy41918011890
BSc Sociology125146114860
BSc Sociology21009013870
BSc Sociology30010000100
BSc Sociology41338411890
BSc Psychology & Sociology115147118820
BSc Psychology & Sociology21908117830
BSc Psychology & Sociology30010000100
BSc Psychology & Sociology42917018820
BSc Psychology & Business14225620800
BSc Psychology & Business22557020800
BSc Psychology & Business30010000100
BSc Psychology & Business42727123770
BSc Psychology12946726740
BSc Psychology23806223770
BSc Psychology35804219810
BSc Psychology12946726740
BSc Psychology23806223770
BSc Psychology45804219810
BSc Psychology30010000100
BSc Product Design & Management10109036640
BSc Product Design & Management21587745550
BSc Product Design & Management30010000100
BSc Product Design & Management4039763370
BSc Politics with International...130155520800
BSc Politics with International...22437321790
BSc Politics with International...30010000100
BSc Politics with International...4059515850
BSc Politics and Sociology121186119810
BSc Politics and Sociology21908118820
BSc Politics and Sociology30010000100
BSc Politics and Sociology43306720800
BSc Politics and English Language11887420800
BSc Politics and English Language21368120800
BSc Politics and English Language30010000100
BSc Politics and English Language4568910900
BSc Politics and Economics14645026740
BSc Politics and Economics24834926740
BSc Politics and Economics30010000100
BSc Politics and Economics43356223770
BSc Politics & Social Policy12486817830
BSc Politics & Social Policy22467017830
BSc Politics & Social Policy30010000100
BSc Politics & Social Policy41957612880
BSc Optometry18117233670
BSc Optometry266171739610
BSc Optometry362211741590
BSc Neuroscience17282023770
BSc Neuroscience24984335650
BSc Neuroscience30010000100
BSc Neuroscience46752816840
BSc Multimedia Computing17152434660
BSc Multimedia Computing25923932680
BSc Multimedia Computing30010000100
BSc Multimedia Computing43955624760
BSc Mathematics with Economics18301731690
BSc Mathematics with Economics27512435650
BSc Mathematics with Economics30010000100
BSc Mathematics with Economics4901938620
BSc Mathematics with Computing17302735650
BSc Mathematics with Computing28011935650
BSc Mathematics with Computing30010000100
BSc Mathematics with Computing49001038620
BSc Mathematics for Industry17941738620
BSc Mathematics for Industry27702337621
BSc Mathematics for Industry30010000100
BSc Mathematics for Industry48601426740
BSc Mathematics17902133670
BSc Mathematics28511435650
BSc Mathematics30010000100
BSc Mathematics4920839610
BSc Marketing18221624760
BSc Marketing25554024760
BSc Marketing30010000100
BSc Marketing45653935650
BSc Logistics with Transport Management14984331690
BSc Logistics with Transport Management25843827730
BSc Logistics with Transport Management30237710000
BSc Logistics with Transport Management43716242580
BSc Logistics with Supply Chain...14984331690
BSc Logistics with Supply Chain...25843827730
BSc Logistics with Supply Chain...30237710000
BSc Logistics with Supply Chain...42437348520
BSc Logistics with Purchasing...14984331690
BSc Logistics with Purchasing...26043627730
BSc Logistics with Purchasing...30237710000
BSc Logistics with Purchasing...42377048520
BSc International Relations and Spanish129185317830
BSc International Relations and Spanish228145821790
BSc International Relations and Spanish30010000100
BSc International Relations and Spanish43595616840
BSc International Relations and...120255517830
BSc International Relations and...21718217830
BSc International Relations and...30010000100
BSc International Relations and...4029812880
BSc International Relations and German131195019810
BSc International Relations and German23286021790
BSc International Relations and German30010000100
BSc International Relations and German48177518820
BSc International Relations and French128185417830
BSc International Relations and French23366119810
BSc International Relations and French30010000100
BSc International Relations and French429116015850
BSc International Relations and English...116156918820
BSc International Relations and English...21767720800
BSc International Relations and English...30010000100
BSc International Relations and English...4559011890
BSc International Relations &...123156215850
BSc International Relations &...22866617830
BSc International Relations &...30010000100
BSc International Relations &...4191809910
BSc International Business, German and...173131423770
BSc International Business, German and...272161222780
BSc International Business, German and...30010000100
BSc International Business, German and...462122622780
BSc International Business, French and...176121225750
BSc International Business, French and...28314324760
BSc International Business, French and...30010000100
BSc International Business, French and...474101624760
BSc International Business, French and...17913825750
BSc International Business, French and...28012824760
BSc International Business, French and...30010000100
BSc International Business, French and...470121824760
BSc International Business and Spanish15963523770
BSc International Business and Spanish238154720800
BSc International Business and Spanish30010000100
BSc International Business and Spanish46463022780
BSc International Business and...18221624760
BSc International Business and...25573826740
BSc International Business and...30010000100
BSc International Business and...444124427730
BSc International Business and German16183123770
BSc International Business and German240134722780
BSc International Business and German30010000100
BSc International Business and German46662821790
BSc International Business and French16363123770
BSc International Business and French242124621790
BSc International Business and French30010000100
BSc International Business and French47062422780
BSc International Business And...18221625750
BSc International Business And...25534232680
BSc International Business And...30010000100
BSc International Business And...46303733670
BSc Industrial Product Design10109036640
BSc Industrial Product Design21587745550
BSc Industrial Product Design30010000100
BSc Industrial Product Design4039763370
BSc Human Resource Management18221624760
BSc Human Resource Management22586723770
BSc Human Resource Management30010000100
BSc Human Resource Management42027832680
BSc Healthcare Science (Audiology)167330265816
BSc Healthcare Science (Audiology)269427245224
BSc Healthcare Science (Audiology)367825223147
BSc German including School Experience128106216840
BSc German including School Experience26157964450
BSc German including School Experience30010000100
BSc German including School Experience436184613870
BSc German and English Language133135420800
BSc German and English Language223176017830
BSc German and English Language30010000100
BSc German and English Language41368116840
BSc German & Spanish including...113137416840
BSc German & Spanish including...20138754550
BSc German & Spanish including...30010000100
BSc German & Spanish including...442184016840
BSc German & Spanish151212820800
BSc German & Spanish251222723770
BSc German & Spanish30010000100
BSc German & Spanish432135516840
BSc German146153919810
BSc German219156620800
BSc German30010000100
BSc German419275419810
BSc French including School Experience12986316840
BSc French including School Experience26157964450
BSc French including School Experience30010000100
BSc French including School Experience444164014860
BSc French and German140144620800
BSc French and German240144620800
BSc French and German30010000100
BSc French and German437184519810
BSc French and English Language14594617830
BSc French and English Language238144819810
BSc French and English Language30010000100
BSc French and English Language413167113870
BSc French & Spanish including...113137416840
BSc French & Spanish including...20138754550
BSc French & Spanish including...30010000100
BSc French & Spanish including...442154316840
BSc French & Spanish149114019810
BSc French & Spanish238164619810
BSc French & Spanish30010000100
BSc French & Spanish433135415850
BSc French & German including...113137416840
BSc French & German including...20138754550
BSc French & German including...30010000100
BSc French & German including...442154316840
BSc French14484818820
BSc French218146815850
BSc French30010000100
BSc French441213819810
BSc Finance18221625750
BSc Finance26952631690
BSc Finance30010000100
BSc Finance47902138620
BSc English Literature & Spanish128106215850
BSc English Literature & Spanish23765716840
BSc English Literature & Spanish30010000100
BSc English Literature & Spanish43485819810
BSc English Literature & Sociology12107917830
BSc English Literature & Sociology22907114860
BSc English Literature & Sociology30010000100
BSc English Literature & Sociology43316616840
BSc English Literature & Politics11708322780
BSc English Literature & Politics21308721790
BSc English Literature & Politics30010000100
BSc English Literature & Politics42537219810
BSc English Literature &...12407615850
BSc English Literature &...21937820800
BSc English Literature &...30010000100
BSc English Literature &...417107319810
BSc English Literature & German12167317830
BSc English Literature & German22167320800
BSc English Literature & German30010000100
BSc English Literature & German43485819810
BSc English Literature & French11608415850
BSc English Literature & French22807218820
BSc English Literature & French30010000100
BSc English Literature & French43865619810
BSc English Language & Literature11787515850
BSc English Language & Literature221136619810
BSc English Language & Literature30010000100
BSc English Language & Literature41378015850
BSc English Language133165117830
BSc English Language229135817830
BSc English Language30010000100
BSc English Language4588711890
BSc English & Social Policy127106314860
BSc English & Social Policy24225619810
BSc English & Social Policy30010000100
BSc English & Social Policy42207817830
BSc Economics And Management18221625750
BSc Economics And Management26433332680
BSc Economics And Management30010000100
BSc Economics And Management46713235650
BSc Construction Project Management15234537630
BSc Construction Project Management24025829710
BSc Construction Project Management30237710000
BSc Construction Project Management42666844560
BSc Computing Science and Mathematics17202835650
BSc Computing Science and Mathematics27602435650
BSc Computing Science and Mathematics30010000100
BSc Computing Science and Mathematics4920837630
BSc Computing Science17152434660
BSc Computing Science26433334660
BSc Computing Science30010000100
BSc Computing Science43855724760
BSc Computing for Business17332436640
BSc Computing for Business24125738620
BSc Computing for Business30010000100
BSc Computing for Business44075321790
BSc Chemistry17342332680
BSc Chemistry274131326740
BSc Chemistry30237710000
BSc Chemistry472141425750
BSc Business, Management & Public...15364119810
BSc Business, Management & Public...22856719810
BSc Business, Management & Public...30010000100
BSc Business, Management & Public...42517419810
BSc Business Management and English...16153420800
BSc Business Management and English...210108019810
BSc Business Management and English...30010000100
BSc Business Management and English...41708312880
BSc Business Computing & IT14605421790
BSc Business Computing & IT24275135650
BSc Business Computing & IT30010000100
BSc Business Computing & IT44205832680
BSc Business and Management18221624760
BSc Business and Management25634124760
BSc Business and Management30010000100
BSc Business and Management42707329710
BSc Business & Sociology150163421790
BSc Business & Sociology22537219810
BSc Business & Sociology30010000100
BSc Business & Sociology43216714860
BSc Business & Politics15663825750
BSc Business & Politics22766723770
BSc Business & Politics30010000100
BSc Business & Politics42807219810
BSc Business & Mathematics17202835650
BSc Business & Mathematics25833930700
BSc Business & Mathematics30010000100
BSc Business & Mathematics46143533670
BSc Business & International...154133322780
BSc Business & International...22836923770
BSc Business & International...30010000100
BSc Business & International...42707319810
BSc Biomedical Science16603421790
BSc Biomedical Science26823025750
BSc Biomedical Science30010000100
BSc Biomedical Science45904132680
BSc Biological Sciences16603420800
BSc Biological Sciences26723126740
BSc Biological Sciences30010000100
BSc Biological Sciences448203237630
BSc Applied Physics15573841590
BSc Applied Physics26013940600
BSc Applied Physics30010000100
BSc Applied Physics44453322780
BSc Applied Chemistry17242432680
BSc Applied Chemistry274131326740
BSc Applied Chemistry30010000100
BSc Applied Chemistry457133019810
BSc Accounting For Management18221627730
BSc Accounting For Management26633127730
BSc Accounting For Management30010000100
BSc Accounting For Management48201845550
Biomedical Engineering145213430700
Biomedical Engineering24055520800
Biomedical Engineering355172822780
Biomedical Engineering4130875950
BEng/MEng Mechanical Engineering162132535650
BEng/MEng Mechanical Engineering269141729710
BEng/MEng Mechanical Engineering30010000100
BEng/MEng Mechanical Engineering45843829710
BEng/MEng in Biomedical Engineering145213430700
BEng/MEng in Biomedical Engineering24055520800
BEng/MEng in Biomedical Engineering355172822780
BEng/MEng Electromechanical Engineering162132535650
BEng/MEng Electromechanical Engineering266142030700
BEng/MEng Electromechanical Engineering30010000100
BEng/MEng Electromechanical Engineering45644029710
BEng/MEng Chemical Engineering17222631690
BEng/MEng Chemical Engineering26113827730
BEng/MEng Chemical Engineering30010000100
BEng/MEng Chemical Engineering46033746540
BEng Electronic Engineering &...15783541590
BEng Electronic Engineering &...26183145550
BEng Electronic Engineering &...30237710000
BEng Electronic Engineering &...43955658420
BEng Electrical & Electronic...150133744560
BEng Electrical & Electronic...249183344560
BEng Electrical & Electronic...30010000100
BEng Electrical & Electronic...42827058420
BEng Design Engineering162132535650
BEng Design Engineering257162732680
BEng Design Engineering30010000100
BEng Design Engineering44754830700
BEng Communications Engineering153133444560
BEng Communications Engineering249183344560
BEng Communications Engineering31319689190
BEng Communications Engineering43146558420
BEng / MEng Mechanical Engineering162132535650
BEng / MEng Mechanical Engineering269141729710