Social Policy

Welcome to Social Policy at Aston University!

Congratulations on having chosen Social Policy as part of your programme - we will do our best to make the next few years an exciting, challenging, invaluable and unforgettable experience. To keep in touch with the latest news and events within the School follow us on Facebook and Twitter

You will be studying Social Policy as part of a combined programme.  In the first year, the Social Policy component of your degree aims at making you familiar with key concepts and ideas in Social Policy as well as developing your skills in critical analysis and research methods.  

First Year Modules

The core first term modules are:

  • LB1009 Issues in Welfare and Public Services

  • LB1010 Public Policy Making and Analysis

  • LYL021 Research Methods

Recommended Reading

  • Alcock, P. May, M. and Rowlingson, K. (2008) The Student’s Companion to Social Policy (3rd edition), Blackwell Publishing.

  • Hill, M. (2009) The Public Policy Process, Pearson.

  • Judge, D. (2005) Political Institutions in the United Kingdom, Oxford University Press.       

Online Resources

  • To learn more about our research interests, activities and expertise, visit the Social Policy Studies Group website. We have a number of events coming up this year including a series of expert workshops on the current crisis in elderly care as well as other effects of the cuts in public services.

Series of Short Open University Podcasts on Welfare and Work:

Think Tanks and Organizations interested in public policy and public service reform (of all political persuasions!):

We look forward to welcoming you in September!

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