Welcome to French at Aston University!

Congratulations on having chosen French as your programme - we will do our best to make the next few years an exciting, challenging, invaluable and unforgettable experience. To keep in touch with the latest news and events within the School follow us on Facebook and Twitter

In your First Year, the course 'French Language Skills' gives the opportunity to revise and to go in-depth into the essential components of French language.

Transition Resources

These downloadable resources are designed to support you with the transition from French A-level to degree level studies. Topics covered include Dictionary Skills, Developing Reading Skills and Academic Writing.

English language versions of each topic are also available with a voiceover recorded by undergraduates to help guide students through the resources. Students should first access the English language versions which provide an overview before moving to the French versions for specific activities related to the language.

English Version:                                    

Recommended Reading

Two helpful books for wider historical and cultural background on France and the French:

  • Graham Robb, The Discovery of France, Picador, 2007.

  • Rod Kedward, La Vie en bleu, Penguin, 2006.

Online Resources

  • Le point du FLE is an online database of classified links and concentrates on both grammar and vocabulary. An endless resource of lessons and exercises you can use all year long to develop reading, writing and aural skills. Also, check out Le Figaro.

  • We recommend the use of dictionaries. You can purchase Le Petit Robert (ISBN-13: 978-2849027417). You can also consult the free Larousse encyclopedia and dictionary online.

  • Bon patron is also a very useful resource. Although this is no grammatical cure-for-all, this website helps you to find the common spelling errors and grammatical mistakes of a given text in French.

  • Visit Radio France Internationale - In addition to reports, you will find in the Langue française section numerous aural exercises based on the news worldwide,
  • TV5 Monde - The website of the International French-speaking TV channel. The Langue française section focuses more on games and exercises based on art and culture. For something more challenging, check out also France2.

We look forward to welcoming you in September!

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