Psychology student and graduate profiles

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Brittany Bishop, BSc Psychology
Brittany Bishop, BSc Psychology

Brittany Bishop, BSc Psychology, 3 years

Psychology is a really varied and fascinating subject. From obedience to child development, aggression to facial recognition, psychology covers a wide range of thought provoking topics that really make you say “wow”!

I visited Aston on an Open day and the staff on the open day really gave you an honest and broad insight into the university and the student ambassadors were really helpful and passionate about Aston. I was really taken in with the atmosphere and knew it was where I wanted to be for the next three years.

My fondest memory of Aston is probably the community spirit while living in the on campus residences. I loved living close, yet independently from my new found friends and we had such a great time getting together in the evenings.

I plan to stay in Birmingham for the near future, working as an Assistant Psychologist hoping to eventually get on to the Clinical Doctorate of Psychology, or work on a graduate scheme for a local SME.

Sam Jordan, BSc Psychology
Sam Jordan, BSc Psychology

Sam Jordan, BSc Psychology, 4 years

I took a placement year and worked as an assistant psychologist within a community mental health team with South Staffordshire and Shropshire NHS Foundation Trust, in Cannock.

I met a lot of lovely people whilst working in this team, and I attended many training sessions that have not only enhanced my CV but also given me the opportunity to gain insight into the NHS and careers in mental health.

I chose the BSc in Psychology as it was the only degree that I really wanted to study, and Aston University offer BPS accreditation, which is an essential first step in becoming a chartered psychologist. The range of modules that are offered as part of the degree are diverse and interesting, and the dedicated psychology laboratories and computer areas are outstanding.

I had attended other open days, and Aston really stood out from the rest almost immediately. The campus is lovely and has everything a student could need, but for me it was the atmosphere on campus that set it aside; Aston gives you a real sense of belonging.

The facilities at Aston University are second to none, and having a dedicated area for mature students is a real bonus.

In the future I intend to study a Master’s degree at Aston, but I am not sure which one yet; I may even work for a while before I return. As an Aston undergraduate, I will receive a 20% discount on the course fees, which is a great incentive from a great university.

Elaine Fernandes, BSc Psychology & MSc Health Psychology graduate


The opportunities and experiences that Aston offers have enriched my future. I am certain I’m not the only one - I couldn’t recommend it enough! 


I am currently employed and work for the National Bowel Cancer Screening Programme (NHS). My employer offers screening every two years to men and women aged 60 and over. The screening programme aims to detect bowel cancer at an early stage when treatment is most likely to be effective. Screening is key area of public health and my employer has strong links with research and health organisations, working to improve the service and uptake.

I completed my undergraduate degree in Psychology at Aston University in 2008. I chose Aston for its small size, friendly campus atmosphere and it's placement opportunities. It also has a perfect location, walking distance to the station, prime shops and social venues, what more could a student want? I visited Aston on an open day and got stuck in traffic and unfortunately missed a majority of the day. Despite this the lecturers and students I met that day were more than accommodating and made sure I still got everything I possibly could out of the visit. This impressed me the most and it showed that Aston values each individual.

Having studied at Aston University for my undergraduate degree, it was the natural choice when looking to study a Masters. I chose to do Health Psychology because the course is accredited by the BPS and provides stage 1 training towards chartered health psychology status. I chose to stay at Aston purely because I know how dedicated and supportive the staff are. Aston also has a helpful and friendly careers service, giving great advice. The programme staff have active links with research, NHS and health organisations which gives key insight into various job prospects that health psychology can lead to. In addition the MSc really enhances your research skills and provides great resources for applying knowledge. My favourite part of the course was the lectures lead by health professionals who currently work in the field. It gives lots of opportunity to ask literally anything about areas of research, careers and to understand first-hand how theory applies in practice.

I’ve met some amazing individuals and built life-long friendships; and it’s the people that shape the best memories I have of Aston.



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