Pharmacy student and graduate profiles

James Duggan

 James Duggan, MPharm Pharmacy, second year student

I like how the pharmacy course here at Aston covers a wide range of areas and topics, and isn't just one same thing all of the time. For example, pharmacy covers Biology, Chemistry, Maths, Law, and Pharmacology etc.

I have been on a total of three placements during my time at Aston, two of which were organised by the University to go to a Boots Community Pharmacy, and the other one was at an independent community pharmacy that I had organised near to where I live. Aston University organised the Boots placement, and I was allocated to go to the Boots at The Fort Shopping Centre. I really enjoyed working in the same pharmacy environment and setting that I would be doing so in the future. It helped me a lot with my studies as it allowed me to see for myself what went on behind the counter in a community pharmacy, and I could relate back to my placement while I learnt.

I will always have many good memories from some great times at Aston, and it would be hard to pick one in particular. Although I will never forget moving into the University Halls of Accommodation on the first day in my first year and meeting my flatmates, who I have shared lots of hilarious experiences with and developed strong friendships with that will last a lifetime.

I would definitely recommend Aston University to other prospective students. It is a fun place to be with many things always going on around you. Both staff and students here, are very helpful and friendly, and you will settle in very quickly.

I plan to graduate from Aston University and work as a community pharmacist for a couple of years, before eventually switching to Hospital Pharmacy, as this seems more interactive and diverse. 

Hannah Ong

Hannah Ong, MPharm Pharmacy, first year student


I chose Aston University because of its position in the league tables. Aston University’s high employability rate was also attractive to me as a prospective student when I was considering my university choices.  


I chose pharmacy because I love the science of medicine and pharmacokinetics of drugs in our system. I enjoy learning about the different types of drugs and their effects. The MPharm programme at Aston also offers the “Medicine Counter Assistant” qualification in the first year which will help make my CV stand out more. 

The MPharm programme doesn’t have a placement year but the University has organised 2 Boots visit, one to New Oscott Shopping Centre and the other to The Fort Shopping Centre. I enjoyed seeing how dispensing of medicine occurs and the different functionality of the pharmacy. It was helpful to put the theory that we’ve learnt in lectures into practice.

My fondest memory of Aston so far has got to be meeting so many different people from all different backgrounds; it has helped me understand other cultures better. Since arriving on campus, everyone has been really helpful and friendly. From the Aston Aunties who helped me move in, to the members of staff that helped me with enrolment, even to the maintenance workers in the Halls of Residences who would just greet me with a smile. Each one of them gave me a good impression of Aston when I had just arrived.

I would definitely recommend Aston University to others. It is a small campus with plenty of opportunities to get involve; such as peer mentoring, learning a new language, different societies and sports teams etc. The staff and students are really friendly and helpful so making friends is not a problem at all. As an international student, the pre-entry E-mentoring helped me overcome some departure nerves by talking to other international students who had been in my shoes the year before.

I plan to go into hospital pharmacy in the future, mainly because I like how diverse the challenges that working in the hospital would provide and I feel that it would help me to continue learning as I work.  

Jennifer Powley, MPharm Pharmacy, first year student 


I really enjoyed having the chance to study Spanish, it was a welcome break from my pharmacy work, doing something that was completely different. Not only a fantastic opportunity to meet new people and learn something new, but also a great way to practice managing my time more effectively.


During my first year as a Pharmacy student, we were given the opportunity to study a language. I have always found studying languages very interesting and rewarding, so having the chance to try a new language was definitely something I wanted to do. I decided to choose Spanish as I often go on holiday to Spanish speaking countries and thought this would be a great opportunity, so next time I can talk to the locals in their own language.

Having the chance to study Spanish will also hopefully open up doors when applying for future placements and jobs, as it looks great on my CV. I even enjoyed it so much that I've decided to continue on to study it at intermediate level in my second year.

I decided to study Spanish for Beginners in first year because I felt it was an excellent opportunity to take up an international language for free! I really did enjoy the course because it was really interesting and engaging and I know it'll look great on my CV as well. I chose Spanish because I feel that it's a growing international language and I've always had interest in Spanish culture.  

Kosisochukwu Ejieji – MPharm Pharmacy, first year Student

I studied a language as I wanted to enhance my linguistic skills and have something that makes me stand out from students around me. I chose to study Arabic for Beginners as many countries that I have visited, the people have spoken Arabic so wanted to take up the opportunity to learn this beautiful language. The course was very good, the lecturers were very motivating and were always there to help. The classes were fun and it was always different. The course has enabled me to learn a new language and shows that I have the ability to balance university work and also take part in extra-curricular activities.  

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