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Luke Aston-Abbott, BSc Cell and Molecular Biology, Final year

Luke Aston-Abbott, BSc Cell and Molecular Biology, Final year

I would strongly recommend Aston as it caters for all types of students. It has a great academic reputation, brilliant sports facilities and a great nightlife. It is the complete university experience.

I chose the human biology programme as it covered all of the modules which I developed an interest in at school such as; immunology, cancer biology and stem cell biology. I also liked that you had the option of taking a year in industry, something that many other universities do not offer.

During my placement I worked for a biotechnology company based in Edgbaston called The Binding Site which specialises in the development of immunodiagnostic equipment. I was integrated into a team of four within the research and development department and I was responsible for my own project. I enjoyed the challenge of applying the skills I had learnt from my two years at Aston into practice in a real life situation.  I developed a wide variety of skills over the course of the year which I feel have aided me greatly in my work in final year.

My fondest memory of Aston is the sense of community that you feel being a part of a small university. It is uncommon to walk across campus without bumping into someone that you know. I also liked how easy it was to fit in here and meet new people as there is such a range of clubs and societies. 

My plans for the future are to study for a master’s degree in international business and management so that I can pursue a career within the pharmaceutical industry at management level. 

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  Natalie Savage, BSc Applied and Human Biology,Final year


I would definitely recommend Aston to everybody as I have had such a fulfilling and inspiring three years which have led me on the right path to the rest of my life. There are so many opportunities here to really embrace and make the most of University life as well as all the resources and support you need to get the best out of any degree.


Aston was my first choice of University for so many reasons. The location means that the city centre feels like an extension to the University grounds which is perfect for shopping, nightlife, socialising and travel and at the same time the campus provides a more relaxed atmosphere with beautiful spaces, especially the lake- the best of both worlds! Not only was the degree course perfect for me, the range of campus facilities, societies and opportunities to get involved in was so broad it seemed such an exciting place to be before even visiting.  

I have always been interested in the science behind the human body so this degree was an obvious choice. The courses in this programme cover so many areas of human biology which were really attractive as they ranged from the molecular level all the way to medical consequences from a clinical angle so I knew I would gain a wide and varied knowledge of the subject. The skills I could develop were just as appealing as the course enabled me to regularly put the theory into practice in the lab as well as improve on various other abilities, giving presentations for instance.  

When I visited the campus the sense of community hit me first. Everybody was very welcoming and warm making me feel comfortable and able to easily fit in. The passion the lecturers showed towards their subjects was inspiring and confirmed this was definitely the best environment in which to learn, surrounded by such enthusiastic professionals 

In the future I plan to travel and study further to achieve my goal to improve healthcare around the world.


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Ammara Teladia, BSc Human Biology, second year student


I knew that Aston University was a very well established academic institution known for its quality teaching and research. The university’s graduate employment record is also amongst the best in the UK. The university also has a small campus which endorses a safe and friendly atmosphere; the perfect environment for successful academic years and a great way to meet some amazing individuals

Personally I have always loved Biology, whether it was in high school or college. I wanted to further my knowledge at a higher level in a University that would not only help me achieve success in my studies but one that was also had an encouraging atmosphere. The biology course at Aston was highly ranked in the UK around the time I was applying to universities, and after a few visits to open days, I knew I was making the right decision.   

I chose biology as a degree as I knew it was something I was happy with pursuing in the future. As a student who has always loved biology I knew that course would be intriguing as well as very stimulating.

 I attended two open days, the first was for Biology and the second was Optometry. I was thrilled to know that the university was in the city centre, as I would be commuting on a daily basis! From my group of friends I was the only one applying to Aston and was quite nervous at first. The small green campus, reminded me of my college back home which gave me a sense of reassurance.

 After attending a ‘mini’ lecture on both days, I decided to apply for the biology course as it was the one I happened to be more interested in. The open days really helped me to come to my final decision, seeing the university beforehand is vital for anyone who plans to study in an institution for the next 3 years of their life.

 One of my first memories at Aston, was meeting someone who was going to be studying English at the university. I was quite nervous on the day, and chatting to her made me realise that everyone around the campus was really nice and friendly and restored my confidence in myself. I think I’ll always remember that little encounter because it made me feel more welcome to the university.

A memory so far, which I won’t forget is how the lecturers on my immunology module hand out a bucket of sweet goodies at the end of the year! It’s a nice thought and makes you feel like a kid once in a while ... which isn’t such a bad thing.

I would definitely recommend Aston University to others! The university has the best teaching quality, the lecturers and tutors are very helpful and everyone at the university is very friendly. In the future I plan on taking a PGCE year so I can get my qualification as a secondary school biology teacher.


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