Place an Aston student in your organisation - placement year information for employers

An Aston University placement year student will be a real asset to your organisation. With at least two years of their university programme behind them, they will have the subject knowledge and careers-focused skills required to hit the ground running. 

An Aston placement student will:

  • Bring new ideas or new approaches to solving problems to your organisation
  • Be highly motivated and full of of enthusiasm for their industry placement - in return they will expect demanding and challenging experiences
  • Offer good value for money - although we prefer employers to offer a competitive salary, we understand this is not always possible
  • Be up to date with the latest technology
  • Be keen to put theory into practice
  • Be familiar with team work.

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Our subject areas:

Students based in the School of Life and Health Sciences at Aston University study Undergraduate degree programmes in the subjects listed below. Details of the placement they will require are also detailed:

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Contact the Employer Engagement Professionals in the Placements Team for more information:

Tel: 0121 204 5299
Email: employerteam@aston.ac.uk 

  • Pharmacy - pre-registration year
  • Psychology - one year placement
  • Optometry - pre-registration year
Life and Health Sciences laboratory
A work placement should be a geniune job at an appropriate level

To ensure a position within your organisation can be considered a placement, it must meet the following basic requirements:

  • It is a genuine job at an appropriate level
  • It is full-time, unless specifically negotiated
  • The student will be treated as an employee, not as a work experience candidate
  • Students should be supervised, appraised and supported by a line manager
  • There will be variety and interest which challenges the student's subject knowledge
  • There will be opportunities for training and development
  • There will be adequate direction and supervision
  • Appropriate facilities will be provided
  • Usual expectations of attendance, behaviour and quality of work will be applied along with appropriate measures if these are not met.
Employers must take full responsibility for recruitment and selection, and then for the welfare, health and safety, and insurance of the student they employ, whether paid or not. Placement activities usually include a variety of work which should be appropriate for someone nearing graduation. Some students will be mature and with substantial work experience, but the majority will be aged 20 or 21 and taking on their first professional job.


The Placement Team are happy to advertise your placement and pre-registration year opportunities to appropriate Aston students on our intranet. You will need to provide a job description or placement outline  Employers are also invited to attend careers fairs and workshops, held at the University throughout the year. These will give you an ideal opportunity to promote your organisation to a targeted student audience and develop links with prospective Life and Health Sciences placement students.

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