BSc Optometry & Clinical Practice (Singapore)

Optom Clinical Practice
This course is for you if you wish to study a UK-awarded degree in Optometry & Clinical Practice in Singapore. The novel mode of delivery allows you to undertake most of your study in Singapore, but also to benefit from the experience and teaching of the optometry experts of Aston University, via distance learning and during a month-long compulsory residential at the Aston campus.
Clinical and practical skills are taught in the Optometry facilities at Aston University, where the students will engage with patients
The course includes theoretical education, practical skills and clinical training
The opportunity to study a UK awarded degree in optometry in Singapore.
Students completing this course will reach a level of optometric practice that is recognised around the world

For students studying in Singapore applicants must be Singapore or Malaysia passport holders who can meet the UK Visa requirement for the stage 3 compulsory UK residence training.

Length of course: 
2 years (3 year course with first year exemption from recognition of prior learning [RPL]).

Subject specific requirements:
An optician or optometry-related qualification appropriate for RPL into the second stage of the Programme.

Typical offers: 
Entry will be to Stage II, and will be via RPL of an approved programme of study at Diploma level. Students will normally require a minimum 2.0 GPA in an approved Diploma, and a GCSE in English. 

Students without an appropriate GCSE qualification in English will require an English language qualification equivalent to an IELTS score of 6.5 overall with a minimum of 6 in each section.

How to apply: For further information and to apply please contact simon.lam@parkwaypantai.com. You will also need to fill out an Aston University application form for 2018 entry.

For further information please contact simon.lam@parkway.sg

The Optometry and Clinical Practice BSc exactly maps to the UK Optometry BSc programme for training world class optometrists. It provides the theoretical and practical knowledge and skills needed to enter work as an optometrist.

The novel mode of delivery allows students to undertake most of their study in Singapore at Parkway College, but also to benefit from the experience and teaching of the optometry experts at Aston University.

Clinical experience received in Stage II will be refined in the Stage III clinics during the summer where you will help to provide patients with a full range of ophthalmic services. You will work under the close supervision of our clinical staff, including ophthalmologists, optometrists and dispensing opticians. These skills will be expanded upon in Stage IV.

Throughout the programme you will be taught techniques of general eye examination, spectacle dispensing, fitting and aftercare of contact lenses as well as paediatric and geriatric optometry. These skills and additional optometry specialties are integrated into the clinical investigation and management of visual problems.

The course is divided into 4 stages with the following modules:

Disclaimer: Note, the below module specifications are subject to change as part of the University's ongoing quality review process and availability.

Stage I

Recognition of Prior Learning so direct entry into stage II.

Stage II   - tutorials and practical skill development at IBZ

OC2PCL:Contact Lenses

OC2PO1:Ophthalmic Instrumentation

OC2POD:Ophthalmic Drugs

OC2PPO:Primary Optometric Examination

OC2PVP:Vision and Visual Perception.

Stage III   - 1 month residential at Aston University

OC2PPS:Practical Skills

OC3PCP:Clinical Practice.

Stage IV   - tutorials and practical skill development at IBZ

OC3PAE:Anterior Eye Conditions

OC3PBP:Binocular Vision and Paediatrics

OC3PRM:Evidence Based Practice and Research Methods

OC3PLV:Professional, Occupational and Low Vision 

OC3PPE:Posterior Eye and General Ophthalmology.

Course content is delivered through narrated lectures and videos by Aston University academics. These will be supported by tutorials and practical/clinical classes led by highly qualified and experienced tutors in Singapore at Parkway College. Assessment will include coursework and written exams.

Stage III modules will take place during the summer period at Aston University. You will spend time in UK clinics in small groups. During this time you will be registered with the General Optical Council as student practitioners (please note that this course as a whole is not accredited by the GOC). 

Assessment will include assessment of practical and clinical performance. 

NOTE: Working with patients. Fitness to Practise regulations require us to assess how well students are able to build a relationship of trust and confidence with patients. In order to fulfil this requirement, students are asked not to wear a full face veil, or to otherwise obscure their face in a manner that may adversely affect communication when they are working one-to-one with patients.

You will have excellent career prospects in:

  • Private practice, in your own practice, in partnership or as an employee of a large optical company
  • Hospital practice
  • The optical industry
  • Optical research
  • Any other career recruiting high quality graduates.

Aston University’s Optometry graduates consistently achieve high levels of graduate employment.

The course integrates IT skills, presentation skills, problem solving, clinical decision making and communication skills.

The course material will be delivered through a Virtual Learning Environment on the web that can be access on or off campus. Aston’s on-line library facilities will also be available. This material will be supported by seminars and practical skill training at the excellent facilities at Parkway campus in Singapore.

Further practical training will be provided over a month long residential on the Aston University campus which provides outstanding facilities for undergraduate learning, including a modern clinic with advanced ophthalmic instrumentation.

Optometry at Aston University is part of the School of Life and Health Sciences, which also includes the Pharmacy School, Biology, Biomedical Science and Psychology undergraduate programmes and a thriving research culture. There are over 30 staff in Optometry with other School of Life and Health Sciences staff also undertaking Life/Health Sciences/Physiology related teaching and research. In addition the Optometry department includes a team of technical and support staff. 

Dr Hannah Bartlett is the Aston University Programme Lead for this course and also teaches on it. Other members of the Aston Optometry team that teach on this course include:

  • Professor James Wolffsohn
  • Dr Janis Orr
  • Professor Bernard Gilmartin
  • Dr Amy Sheppard
  • Professor Stephen Anderson
  • Dr Shahzad Naroo
  • Dr Ashok Chowdhury
  • Dr Frank Eperjesi
  • Dr Mark Dunne
  • Dr Donia Gherghel. 

Mr Simon Lam is the Programme Lead in Singapore. He is the Senior Manager for Optometry, School of Allied Health, Parkway College.

For further information and to apply please contact simon.lam@parkwaypantai.com.

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