Gian Powers

I chose to study at Aston University because it was one of the only universities that combined business and a language in such a way that they complemented one another. The teaching here at Aston is second to none and the lecturers really do get to know you well and are there to help at any time! I currently study International Business and German and the support I’ve received is outstanding.

Life on campus is amazing! From moving in with the ‘aunties’ and the unforgettable Fresher’s Week to now the beginning of my second year here I have so many memories that I will never forget! I’ve met people from all over the world, embracing a range of cultures and feel a great sense of community. Being a small university gives you that feeling of belonging and wherever
you go around campus you are sure to see a friendly face!

The Aston Placement Year is also a major attraction and reason as to why I chose the university. With the option of a year in industry or to study in a partner university it is the perfect way to gain both experience and knowledge in your chosen area. Having chosen to study a language I’ll be completing my placement in a German speaking country. An integral part of my degree that I believe is going to teach me fundamental skills for the workplace.

Life in Birmingham never stops. From the vast array of shops in the Bullring centre to Star City, which was named the largest leisure park in the country in 2003! Nightlife here is great too, with clubs offering all kinds of music and restaurants to suit all tastes from the sophisticated Mailbox to the lively Broad Street!

Aston University is without a shadow of a doubt the perfect place to study and to enjoy University life! Next year I’m hoping to apply for my Placement in the German Banking industry.

Gian Powers

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