Ana Indi Amona

Ana's graduate profile

Confidence building in Seville

Sociology and Social Policy Graduate, Ana, took a last-minute placement at Spain Internship in Seville. The situation was entirely new for her, but was transformative for her confidence and self-esteem.

The job was all about high customer satisfaction whilst balancing a number of projects that place interns across Europe. As such, she worked with colleagues from the Netherlands to Vietnam, helping to build her professional skills and knowledge as well as increasing her social capital and connections. Originally from Portugal, working in Spain allowed Ana to experience another culture and practise workplace English. It also highlighted to her the importance of being a global citizen.

‘Spain Internship was the perfect environment for personal development,’ says Ana, 'I had low self-esteem and confidence before my placement, but now I feel so strong and powerful; ready to defy stereotypes'.

After University

Ana went on to complete her Masters in International Relations and Global Governance. 'I had studied Sociology throughout my secondary education, so I wanted to delve into my interest in politics, and move to the social policy side'.

Following her Masters, Ana pushed herself further to explore the world. She had already explored Spain, Portugal and Morocco. Her development has not stopped there. She is now employed in Aston's Careers+Placements department, assisting students to secure work abroad.

My job is to ensure students gain the skills and personality needed to become a global citizen.'

Although she deserves praise for her achievements, Ana thanks the 'amazing people [she] met in Seville' and advises that 'every student do a placement abroad'.

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