Staff Profiles

Dr. Michael Peters, CMath FIMA SFHEA - Academic Director Aston International 
Mike Peters

Welcome to the International International Foundation Programmes information site.  I am Dr. Michael Peters and I am the Academic Director for Aston International Foundation Programmes. The International Foundation Programmes are designed to provide you with the necessary fundamental knowledge and skills to become successful graduates of Aston University.
Some of the students who have achieved the International Foundation Diploma have done extremely well.  Some have stayed at Aston University to study for PhD’s and others have been very successful in their chosen careers.
Aston University prides itself on the support it gives to our overseas students.  We have a mentoring scheme where existing students help new students to feel at home.  We have a great Learning Development Centre which provides help with mathematics and academic writing, and a Library which gives you access to thousands of books and journals.
We are also responsive to your needs.  For example, one year a small group of students found the Physics module challenging and asked for extra help, we responded by arranging additional classes.
Please have a good look at the information provided on this site and, if you have any questions, please get in touch.  I am confident once you have had a good look, you will realise that Aston University is a great place to study and I look forward to meeting you at the start of term.

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