International Foundation Students

Students from all over the world attend Aston University's International Foundation Programme, enhancing their learning and appreciation of British culture with a full University experience that prepares them for a full UK degree.

Here's what some students had to say about the programme and their advice for new students joining it.

IFP Student Profiles fIFP Student Profiles


Naema Sultan Alblooshi (UAE)

Naema is studying IFP before progressing 
to a degree programme run by Aston Business
School and School of Languages and
Social Sciences 

"I chose to study at Aston because it’s a well-known University and more specifically it’s a high-ranking University for business studies. I believe studying here will broaden my horizons and enable me to fulfil my dream.

At home I was surrounded by my family and friends and everything seemed easy. It is different when you study abroad. I love Aston because it helped me to make friends from different cultures and backgrounds. The University is located in the city centre, which makes me worry less about safety. Living in Birmingham made me forget about homesickness. There is such a variety of activities and places to go to for leisure. The Bullring and Selfridges are my favourite for shopping. 

I am planning to study a degree in International Relations and Business; this is why I chose the International Foundation for Business and Social Sciences. The programme has enriched my knowledge in these areas. I also enjoyed getting to know people from different parts of the world. 

In the future I want to fulfil the dream of becoming an Ambassador to my beloved country. 
Studying abroad is a challenge; I am glad I faced this challenge with Aston."

Christine IFP

Cristine Schneider (Brazil) 

Cristine is studying the IFP before 
progressing onto a degree programme
at Aston Business School  

"I have chosen Aston as a place to study because of its reputation as one of the top UK Universities.

I have decided to do the International Foundation course to be able to prepare for the degree programme of my choice and to better understand the subject I am interested in. 

What I like about the programme is that the teachers and staff are very supportive, they use innovative and effective methods of teaching. The study in the UK is more independent; it develops critical thinking and allows students to get deeper knowledge of the subject.

The programme is very helpful for international students as not only does it prepare us for the next year of study, but also helps us improve the English language skills, which is important for our future academic life. My experience has been great so far. Aston is a friendly, multicultural community and I have made friends from all over the world. I learn about different traditions, customs, ways of communication on a daily basis and I feel that I will be successful in the ever-changing global economy."

Yasir IFP

Yasir Khalid Almalki, Aramco
Scholar (Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia)

Yasir is studying the IFP before 
progressing onto a degree programme
at Aston Business School 

"Aston is a really good place to study. The University campus is right in the centre of a big city. Birmingham has a lot of places to have fun, for example the famous Bullring Shopping Centre. London is also not far. 

I have met friends from around the world and have experienced different cultures. I am into swimming, football and fitness and the gym facilities here allow me to keep in shape.

What I like about the Foundation programme is that the teachers are very experienced and have a fantastic sense of humour. Studying here is different to how we do it at home; the programme helped me to improve my English and develop my skills in research and writing papers.

My aim is to complete the studies and then implement all the things I have learnt in my job."

Dalia IFP

Dalia Suhail Abushulaih
(Kingdom of Saudi Arabia)

Dalia studied the IFP before her 
BSc Accounting for Management 
at Aston Business School.

“Only one word can truly describe my personal experience, and that is amazing. During my year of study I have developed skills that I hadn't been capable of before. In my written assignments and essays which I thought might be too hard, I was awarded with the grades I always wished for. 

The foundation programme is one that is considerably small, however, that has made it possible to create relationships with my lecturers, as they were capable of finding the time to focus on me and my fellow colleagues. The IFP also made it easier for me to find friends that are going through the same experience, for we are all international students facing the same challenge.”

Hussain IFP

Hussain Al-Ghaith, Aramco
Scholar (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia)

Hussain studied the IFP before his
BSc Accounting for Management
at Aston Business School.

“I was pleased that the IFP met my expectations. The programme gave a clear indication about what we would study in the first year of a degree and we had the opportunity to learn subjects which were not familiar to us. I also enjoyed the activities provided, especially the end of the year excursion to Alton Towers! The overall experience of studying the IFP was awesome and gave us the opportunity to explore the city of Birmingham and to prepare for our future studies at Aston Business School.”

Yelena IFP

Yelena Yakovleva, Bolashak
Scholar (Kazakhstan)

Yelena studied the IFP before her
BSc Technology and Enterprise
Management at Aston's School
Engineering and Applied Sciences.

“The IFP was an intensive course, taught in a multicultural environment. It provides strong academic grounding and a good knowledge of how university works. It was a very rewarding experience to prepare with great academic support. I could have gone anywhere after the IFP but I really had a good experience here and was really impressed, I love this place!”