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A wide range of students from all over the world attend Aston University's International Foundation Programme, enhancing their learning and appreciation of British culture prior to study. Here's what some students had to say about the programme and their advice for new students joining it.

IFP Student Profiles


Dalia Suhail Abushulaih,  from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Dalia studied the IFP before her BSc Accounting for Management, at Aston Business School.

“Only one word can truly describe my personal experience, and that is amazing. During my year of study I have developed skills that I hadn't been capable of before. In my written assignments and essays which I thought might be too hard, I was awarded with the grades I always wished for.
The foundation programme is one that is considerably small, however, that has made it possible to create relationships with my lecturers, as they were capable of finding the time to focus on me and my fellow colleagues. The IFP also made it easier for me to find friends that are going through the same experience, for we are all international students facing the same challenge.

Hussain Al-Ghaith, Aramco Scholar,from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Hussain studied the IFP before his BSc Accounting for Management, at Aston Business School.

“I was pleased that the IFP met my expectations. The programme gave a clear indication about what we would study in the first year of a degree and we had the opportunity to learn subjects which were not familiar to us. I also enjoyed the activities provided, especially the end of the year excursion to Alton Towers! The overall experience of studying the IFP was awesome and gave us the opportunity to explore the city of Birmingham and to prepare for our future studies at Aston Business School.”

Yelena Yakovleva
Yelena Yakovleva, Bolashak Scholar,from Kazakhstan

Yelena studied the IFP before her BSc Technology and Enterprise Management, at the Aston School of Engineering and Applied Science.

“The IFP was an intensive course, taught in a multicultural environment. It provides strong academic grounding and a good knowledge of how university works. It was a very rewarding experience to prepare with great academic support. I could have gone anywhere after the IFP but I really had a good experience here and was really impressed, I love this place!”

International Student Enquires

International Student Enquires

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International Foundation Programme

International Foundation Programme

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What staff say about IFP

What staff say about IFP

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