Degree Apprenticeship in Digital & Technology Solutions (BSc)

IT Degree Apprenticeship

I worked on projects in 5 cities, and had the satisfaction of delivering multiple successful projects for clients.

James Gee
Degree Apprentice

Entry requirements

Level 3 qualification (A levels, BTEC or equivalent) and a minimum of Grade C GCSE Maths and English.

The degree apprenticeship for aspiring IT Professionals. Choose from two routes - Business Analytics or Software Engineering.

Flexible IT specialisms according to your needs
No student fees
Obtain a full honours degree alongside relevant and practical work training
Develop applied competence in the interpretation and application of IT

Duration of Programme: 4 and a 1/2 years of blended work-based, distance and on campus learning

Total number of credits gained: 360

Eligibility criteria:
  • eligible to work in the UK
  • not in full-time education (at the time you enrol on the programme)
Entry requirements:

To be eligible for admission to this programme a student must be recruited jointly by Aston University and an employer in a role with responsibilities aligned with the degree content.

Applicants should have a level 3 qualification (such as A levels, BTEC or equivalent) and at least grade C GCSE Maths and English to be eligible to apply, however, individual companies will also specify further requirements. All applicants will be required to pass an online strength-based assessment in order to be invited to an assessment centre for further tests and interview.

Attendance Requirement:

  • 7 week block of face-to-face study at the start of the programme (full-time attendance required 5 days a week)
  • Evening online seminars and tutorials
  • Four on-campus teaching days in each six-month block plus up to two days for examinations

Support: At every level of your degree, appropriate support will be provided to help you achieve your goals. A skills coach will be assigned to you throughout the first stage of the programme and an independent professional mentor is available to advise in later years.

Tuition fees: Students do not pay fees for the programme, the fees are being met jointly by the UK Government and the student’s employer. Note that employers may require students to pay the fees for resits.

The first stage of the programme is common to both streams and starts with a shared 7-week block of technical training (Foundations of Technology Solutions module) where you will be on campus for full-time teaching, 5 days a week. This is followed by work-based learning tailored to the individual role in the employer’s business and blended learning modules providing a foundation for further university study.

The second and third stages are split into two specialisms. Software Engineering has a technical focus and teaches practical programming skills as well as the theoretical foundations of computer science. Business Analyst has both technical and business focus and places particular importance on the understanding and management of data. Both specialisms feature individual and group projects which can be specified to meet the needs of the business and role.

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Stage 1

  • Foundations of Technology Solutions
  • Professional Practice
  • Problem Solving
  • Computer Systems and Networks
  • Systems Development
  • Introduction to Business Organisations
  • Internet Computing

Stage 2

Core modules:

  • Group Project
  • Professional and Social Aspects of Computing
  • Human-Computer Interaction
  • Internet Applications and Techniques
Core Modules for Business Analyst Specialism:
  • Business Analytics 
  • Introduction to Accounting
  • Introduction to Business Economics
  • System and Software Analysis

Core Modules for Software Engineer Specialism:

  • Mathematics for Computing Professionals
  • Software Engineering
  • Programming Language Concepts
  • Operating Systems
  • Java Program Construction
  • Data Structures and Algorithms with Java

Final Stage

Core modules:

  • Individual Project
  • Information Security
  • Software Project Management
  • Data Mining
  • Strategic Management (Business Analyst Specialism only)
  • Testing and Reliable Software Engineering (Software Engineer Specialism only)
  • Interaction Design (Software Engineer Specialism only)

Optional modules: 

  • Advanced Database Systems
  • Enterprise Computing Strategies
  • Managing People & Team Leading
  • Effective Management Consultancy (Business Analyst Specialism only)
  • International Operations (Business Analyst Specialism only)
  • Mobile Development (Software Engineer Specialism only)
  • Enterprise Application Technology (Software Engineer Specialism only)
  • Geographic Information Systems (Software Engineer Specialism only)

At the start of the programme, a 7-week technical training block held on campus will deliver the core computing and business skills needed to enable the apprentices to become an effective team member in the workplace (full time attendance is required, Monday - Friday, for all 7 weeks).

Following the first technical module, the remainder of the programme will be delivered through blended learning: most teaching will be delivered as ‘learning objects’ (typically recorded lectures, case studies, online tutorials etc.) through a virtual learning environment.
Online tutorials typically take place out of office hours through online video conferencing delivering teaching to students who are working on client site, have irregular working patterns, and are dispersed across the country (and, potentially, in different time zones).

Each six month block of modules requires attendance at four on-campus teaching days (which may include weekends) and an additional two days for examinations.


The first step in joining our Degree Apprenticeship programme is to find and apply for a relevant job vacancy. All our current vacancies are listed below and are updated on a regular basis, therefore please do keep checking back for new vacancies (if you are using Firefox the scroll option may not work, therefore please try loading this page again using Google Chrome or Internet Explorer).

As part of the application process you will have to complete and pass some assessments including a numerical reasoning test, apprentice test and mindset test. This is to ensure that you meet our basic entry requirements.

Reminder: Applicants must be eligible to work in the UK and not be in full-time education at the point that they enrol on the programme.

Please make sure you check this webpage regularly as we are unable to send notifications when new vacancies become available. This also applies if there are no current vacancies (we cannot guarantee when new vacancies will appear).

Successful candidates will be invited to an assessment centre for further tests and interviews with both the employer and Aston.

If you are already employed as an apprentice and would like to enrol on the course please discuss this with your employer and advise them to contact Aston University to discuss this further.

For more information, contact apprenticeships@aston.ac.uk 

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