Final Year Mathematics Project

The Mathematics Project is a Final Year Option in the BSc Mathematics, Mathematics with Computing and Mathematics with Economics Programmes. By taking this module, students are given the opportunity to undertake independent studies to master a particular topic and use that this knowledge to solve a specific problem in applied or pure mathematics.

The literature review required for the Mathematics Project is completed as a separate module in the first semester, the Mathematics Report, which is evaluated independently. This first module gives students the chance to realise whether undertaking the Mathematics Project in the topic would meet their preference, interest or career prospects. Those students deciding to continue with the Mathematics Project should produce a report with the project's outcomes. 

All projects are closely supervised by Members of the Academic Staff with expertise in the project's area. While students are encouraged to present their own project proposals, they are also offered a list of proposals from potential supervisors. Those proposals are usually related to the following areas of mathematical modelling: 

  • Biological Processes
  • Finance
  • Social Behaviour
  • Control
  • Signal Processing
  • Machine Learning
  • Neural Networks
  • Data Science: Time Series, Data Visualization, Data Analysis, Data Classification
  • Fluid Dynamics: Turbulence, Incompressible Flow
  • Physical and Chemical Systems 
  • Stochastic Processes 
  • Physics: Quantum Mechanics, Statistical Physics 
  • Harmonic Analysis 
  • Wavelet Theory 
  • Group Theory 
  • Probability and Statistics 
  • Information Theory: Coding Theory, Cryptography 
  • Inverse Problems 

Sample of Past Projects