Undergraduate Placements

My placement thoroughly prepared me for graduation and focused my career aspirations. The placement year, and the outstanding support from the Placement Office, has given me a significant competitive advantage over other students competing for the same jobs."
Matt Burton, Fujitsu Services

Why take a degree with a placement year?

  • You can gain real experience with graduate level responsibility

  • You will be able to try out a career path, including one outside of your degree specialism

  • You will significantly improve your graduate employment prospects

  • You have the opportunity to earn a salary

  • You have the opportunity to work abroad, complete a study exchange programme or a combination of both.  

Careers and placements

Aston University’s Placement Team

Aston Business School has one of the largest placement programmes in the UK with nearly 600 students on placement each year. We have been managing work placement and internships for over 30 years throughout the UK, Europe and beyond and have a very active Placement Office team dedicated to helping students find a work or a study placement.

The Aston Edge

Many organisations are now selecting only a small number of universities to advertise their work placement opportunities with and Aston is a priority university. Organisations actively seek Aston Business School students as they are well prepared for their placement year. The practical nature of the modules in the first and second years mean students have worked with case studies, group projects and have taken part in a simulated business game. This means that they can really hit the ground running in their placement organisation.

How will I find a work placement?

Through Aston Business School's excellent business links

We have built up relationships with over 1500 organisations and each year we advertise around 2000 opportunities to students on Aston Futures, the online portal run by Careers+Placements. You can search Aston Futures by type of job, location or organisation and each advert is linked to the organisation website. 

Through comprehensive help and support
  • We run lectures and workshops on putting together a CV, tackling application forms, assessment centres and interview skills
  • We arrange for organisations to come onto campus to give presentations to students and to run workshops on topics such as presentation and interview skills
  • Students can book mock interviews and one to one appointments with our placement staff
  • Students can read valuable information from other students about their placement experiences on the blog.

What type of jobs do students do? 

What types of jobs do students do?

Placements are available in all areas of business; here are just a few examples of recent placement jobs:

  • Marketing Specialist - Intel
  • Project Manager – General Motors
  • Resources Management Assistant – IBM
  • Operations Analyst – Goldman Sachs
  • Assurance Business Placement - PWC

What company could I be working for?

View a list of example companies

Will I earn a salary?

The average salary for placements in the UK is £14,000 nationwide. Overseas salaries vary depending on the country. Some organisations pay very high salaries whilst some public sector placements such as local councils and health authorities pay lower salaries. Students may also choose to work in the voluntary or charity sector too, on an unpaid basis.  Tuition fees are £1,250 for this year, but you may qualify for scholarship help.

Do international students earn a salary?

International students are able to draw a salary during their placement year. 

In addition to the financial benefits, the year also provides valuable international work experience which can be a big selling point when students return home to seek employment. A number of students have found placements in recent years and many companies particularly value the language skills offered by international students.

The Placements Team are on hand to offer support in the form of presentations, workshops and one to one appointments available to all students via Aston Futures.

Where will I be located?

Placements are available throughout the UK and some are based in overseas locations (English is the working language). Recently students have worked in France, Germany, Spain, Belgium, The Netherlands, Latvia, China, USA, Singapore, Dubai, India and Chile. Students are also able to take part in a wide range of study exchange programs.

How is the year assessed/monitored?

  • The year contributes 10% to the final degree result
  • We assign each student with a placement tutor who visits the student and meets the company supervisors
  • Students write an essay and keep a reflective learning journal of their progress in the company and write a report on their placement experience
  • The Placement Office staff are on hand throughout the year and we use a virtual learning environment to keep placement students in touch with each other and the University while they are away.

Placements abroad

Students who are studying either International Business and Management or International Business and Modern Languages are required to take their placement overseas. However any student can choose to go abroad.  The options for the placement year include an international study exchange, a work placement overseas, or a combination of both.

To find out more about work and study placements abroad please go to our international pages.

Benefits for the final year of study

Many students have found that taking a placement for a year can greatly enhance their confidence, time management, report writing and communication skills. Consequently, Aston Business School students often do much better in their final year of study and we have a very high level of 2:1 degree results!

Furthermore, approximately 30% of organisations offer their placement students a job on graduation. Having secured a job, students can concentrate on their studies in the final year without the worry of job hunting. Visit our placement hub pages to find out more about your options.