Applying to Aston

Before you apply

You may wish to contact the Disability Team  before you apply to Aston, so you can ask any questions and discuss your support requirements informally. Any discussions you have with the Disability Team are treated confidentially.

It may also be useful to attend a general open day or arrange a visit through the Disability Team, so you can see our accommodation and campus facilities.

Your UCAS application form

Your application will be considered on academic merit alone, but it is helpful if we know in advance about any support needs you may have, so please notify us of any disability or support need via your UCAS form.

If you do not wish to declare a disability on your application form or would like to have an informal discussion about your specific needs, please contact the Disability Team). Any discussions you have with the Disability Team are treated confidentially and separately from your application.

How will your application be treated?

 If you have declared a disability on your UCAS form, a copy of your form will be sent to us in the Disability Team. We may contact you asking for additional information relating to your disability or additional needs only and/or invite you to visit Aston so you can see the campus and discuss arrangements in advance.

The Admissions Tutor for your chosen course will not know about any specific support you have requested, unless you have given us permission to discuss this information with them.

If your individual needs are complex, it may also be useful for you to meet the Admissions Tutor for your course, so you have the opportunity to ask more detailed questions about the support which will be available to you. This is not a formal interview and we hope it will make you feel confident about how you will be supported at the university.

If your application to Aston is successful, the Disability Team will make recommendations about your support requirements to the School of study who teach your course.


If you are applying to Aston though Clearing and wish to tell us about a disability or medical condition that you need support with, please inform your School of Study when you first make contact. They will pass your contact details on to the Disability Team and we will contact you to discuss your individual requirements.

Your application for a place at Aston will be considered solely on academic merit but it is helpful if the Disability Team know about any support needs you may have before you arrive.



Please note:

Whilst every effort is made to provide for students needs, in exceptional circumstances is not possible for us to accept students with all disabilities on every degree programme. For example, if a department is not wheelchair accessible and alternative arrangements cannot be made.

In the first instance, you may be offered an alternative choice of course at Aston. If this alternative is not acceptable to you, we will inform UCAS, who will allow you to substitute a further choice of University.

To avoid this situation, we encourage you to visit any University you are applying to as early as possible so you can make well-informed choices before you complete your application form.


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