Ola - MA Applied Linguistics

I have been at Aston for just eight months yet it seems like it’s been eight years. Settling down and making new friends was very easy especially at the start of the term when the University was bubbling with activities like Welcome Week. If first impressions are anything to go by then the Welcome Week helped me see Aston not only as a study and research focused institution, but also a fun place to be in.

Although I live off campus I am not left out of all that was happening on campus. My house is only ten minutes away by bus so I can attend an evening gig in school and still catch the bus home.

When you add all of this to being at the heart of Birmingham city it is glaring that Aston University does have many benefits. From the University I can walk to the city centre markets where there are lots of stalls selling a wide range of local and continental food ingredients.

I always feel confident about the content and form of my CV after it has under gone scrutiny from either the careers office or the student jobshop. They offer invaluable advice on how to write a CV, prepare for an interview and also post ads on available vacancies for full or part time work.

Employable Graduates; Exploitable Research