La'neshia - Second year BSc Psychology

Living and studying away from home has been a remarkable opportunity to develop my independence. Aston University was one of my top choices, as it not only provided my BSc Psychology course but it also had an outstanding graduate employability rate.

The idea of a close-knit community of 9,000 students, affordable student accommodation and a close proximity to Birmingham’s infamous Bull Ring shopping centre, won my vote!

My first year at Aston has been fantastic. Lectures have been insightful and my assignments such as group work, interview transcripts and essay writing have all helped me grasp how to operate at a university level and maintain that standard.

Over the last ten months, I have earned recognition for my involvement in student volunteering activities which includes being peer mentored by a second year student and tutoring children with special needs in Mayfield Primary School. I am currently still a student ambassador for Aston which is a paid role, offering flexibility and variety ranging from leading campus tours, school visits, open days  and higher education events. I am also looking forward to facilitating the Unifest summer school event and tutoring students from disadvantaged backgrounds, who aspire to pursue higher education.

After a period of indecision, I have decided to do a dual placement in my third year working in an Educational Psychology institution for six months, then spending the remaining six months teaching abroad and seeing the world. This will provide me with first hand on-the-job experience and help me decide whether Educational Psychology is the right route for me after graduation.

Employable Graduates; Exploitable Research