Part-time study and distance learning

Part-time study is an increasingly popular way of obtaining a postgraduate qualification as it enables you to earn a wage and progress in your career, whilst improving your knowledge and skills, and enhancing your future job prospects. It also means you can spread the cost of your study over a longer period.

Distance learning is the perfect solution for people who cannot attend University in person, but wish to take a postgraduate qualification. It involves studying at home, with course materials generally delivered via the Internet or by post. Distance learning also enables you to study in your own time, which may be an advantage for students with a busy professional or family life.

Please note that not all of Aston’s programmes are available part-time or vis distance learning.

International students

If you are applying as a non-EU International student, you should note that the terms and conditions of entry into the UK usually prevent you registering for a part-time programme.  For more information, please refer to www.ukvisas.gov.uk or www.ukcisa.org.uk.

Employable Graduates; Exploitable Research