Why choose an Aston Masters?


People choose an Aston Masters to get their ideal job.

Aston's strong reputation for graduate employability is proven through your Aston Masters. Each degree is designed with input from industry experts and delivered by teachers who have worked in your target profession. By selecting Aston for your Masters degree, you will:

  • Stand out from the crowd in a competitive job market
  • Progress in your chosen career
  • Enjoy your subject area in more depth
  • If you like, be able to make a change of career.
  • Enter PhD study

See what Aston Masters are available right now or attend an upcoming open day to get a first hand look at Aston. You can also view our Admissions Policy for further information about studying at Aston University.

What is life like as a Masters student?

Studying for you Masters is enjoyable, because it allows you to fully immerse yourself in your interests. You will explore new ways of thinking about your subject and you may even break new ground in your field. You needn't do it all alone either. Aston's known for its small and friendly campus. Chances are you will bump into your course mates and Tutors when you pop out to lunch.

An Aston Masters is rewarding, but expect to spend a lot of time in the library. Good news, we just refurbished it with open plan seating, private study areas and a coffee shop, so you won't be hard pressed if you want to make a night of it.

Accommodation is straightforward. It's newly built, on campus and Masters students can choose who they live with.

What our students say

Don't take out word for it. Here's what Aston Masters Students say about their experience (click "Zoom" to open gallery):

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Aston Mastrers open day

Still not convinced? Here are five reasons why an Aston Masters is a great idea:

Top 5 Reasons to study at Aston
Top 5 Reasons to study at Aston
Top 5 Reasons to study at Aston
Top 5 Reasons to study at Aston
Top 5 Reasons to study at Aston



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