MSc in Clinical Health Management - modules


Leadership - this module will include the following topics:

  • Management and leadership theories and styles;

  • Prioritising and decision making;

  • Managing and leading people;

  • The vision and its communication;

  • Leadership derailers and pitfalls;

  • Stimulating innovation and entrepreneurship.

Accounting and Finance - will include the following:

  • The financial context in which business operate;

  • Communication of financial state in business situations;

  • Key information from a business situation to appropriate accounting techniques and calculations to solve the problem;

  • Interpretation of financial calculations and their limitations.

Marketing - will include the following:

  • Determining your unique selling points;

  • Marketing mediums and their relative effectiveness;

  • Measuring service quality and gaps between expectations and perceptions.

Organisational Strategy - will include the following:

  • Strategic environment - internal configuration and position;

  • Organisational purpose;

  • Strategic choice, direction, selection, development and change.

Law of Managers - will include the following topics:

  • Nature of law, its purpose and sources;

  • Contract and sales, supply law;

  • Negligence and liability;

  • Regulation of the criminal law;

  • Data protection;

  • Employment law.

Health Policy and Organisation - will include the following topics:

  • Essentials of organisational and policy analysis theory;

  • Health policy - comparative and societal context;

  • Themes in healthcare policy and organisation;

  • Organisational learning and restructuring.

Service Improvement - will include the following topics:

  • Quality in healthcare;

  • An introduction to health improvement principles;

  • Involving patients/clients in service improvement;

  • Evaluating the impact of service improvement;

  • Leadership healthcare.

Evidence-based Practice - will include the following topics:

  • Theory of evidence-based practice;

  • Formulating effective questions for evidence-based practice;

  • Systematic review of research base;

  • Implementing and evaluating change in practice. 

Research Project - supervisor supported work-based clinical business research.

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