Yonghua Wang

Yonghua Wang

MA in TESOL Studies


''I chose to study the MA in TESOL Studies in the School of Languages and Social Sciences (LSS) at Aston because it offered a variety of interesting and practical modules. Another bonus was that LSS awarded me an international bursary  worth £4500. The bursary was more than money for me; it was an achievement that boosted my confidence!

The course has taught me how to use different teaching strategies and has also provided me with unique opportunities to conduct my own research. In particular, the module ‘Lexicogrammar’ was really interesting and useful because it equipped me with ideas on how to analyse English learners’ essays and how to apply corpus in teaching and learning.

During the module ‘Teaching in Practice’, my tutors really helped me to improve by making suggestions that draw on their own research and experiences. In addition, the prompt and constructive feedback given on assignments has proved beneficial to my following projects. My tutors Dr Sue Garton and Dr Nur Kurtoglu-Hooton have offered consistent support and encouragement throughout the course.

What’s more, during the course I got to experience teaching English and had an opportunity to work as a teacher assistant at a local college.

The MA in TESOL Studies is a stepping stone to my career. This summer, I am going to Thailand to work as a volunteer teacher at a rural school.''

Employable Graduates; Exploitable Research