Tomas Novy

Tomas Novy

MA in European Union and International Relations 

''I was attracted to the School of Languages and Social Sciences at Aston for its attractive MA programmes in international politics and more specifically, the possibility to engage in the European studies. For me, another benefit of choosing Aston is that I have been granted a partial merit scholarship from the Aston Centre for Europe.

I'd recommend this high-quality course because it is run by
 skillful, experienced and friendly teachers who have all the up-to-date information on current political issues. There is a very relaxed, family atmostphere within the School and you are given lots of opportunities to express your opinions.   

I am confident that the MA in the European Union and International Relations will open many doors for me at diverse European institutions and agencies, both public and private. Also it will enable me to develop my profile as a specialist in the European political issues, both external and internal.''

Employable Graduates; Exploitable Research