Somia BiBi

''One of the initial things that attracted me to Aston University was the fact that my research had revealed that Aston University offers the best MA that fits with my interests, in the area of Birmingham. This in turn allows me to remain living at home, thus allowing me to save money. Furthermore my lecturers on my undergraduate course had only positive things to say about Aston University and the lecturers there.

The reason I decided to apply for the MA in Social Research and Social Change, was due to the fact that the modules offered on the course appeared to be best tailored to suit my interests. Additionally, the Social Sciences department has a number of researchers and lecturers that specialise in fields that are of great interest to me. I also feel that the course will allow me to learn much more and give me the chance to enhance and sharpen the knowledge I have already obtained. Indeed, I believe participation in one module in particular (Research Methods), shall allow me to improve my skills and abilities in an area of analysis that is most assuredly not one of my strongest. Moreover my lecturers on my undergraduate course had only excellent things to say about the reputation of the MA course, which they had heard from previous students, this reinforced my desire to apply at Aston University.

I applied for a scholarship at Aston University which I did not obtain, this led me to the worry that all my savings would be drained paying for the course, but then I received an email informing me that I had been nominated for Aston University’s Banc Santander Scholarship. To say the very least, this was a great relief and surprise, as the scholarship unlike the one I had applied for, covers the entirety of my fees allowing me to focus more on my studies and less on my financial woes. Additionally the stipulations that come with the scholarship, such as being a Student Ambassador and writing a blog for a year, are all things I am looking forward to, as they shall both be new experiences and allow me meet and talk to a range of diverse people.

Lastly, the MA shall give me the confidence, skills and knowledge that will provide me with more than one route to take after graduation, hopefully my route shall sooner or later take me to further study and working somewhere where all I learn can be utilised and heightened.''

Employable Graduates; Exploitable Research