Natalia Kalenova

Natalia Kalenova

MA in TESOL Studies 

''I liked the idea of teaching in practice, which helped a lot to gain confidence, learn new ways of teaching. In order to get a job it is important to show that you had 'teaching in practice'. I have been looking for jobs in the UK and abroad, and all schools ask the same question: 'Did you have observed teaching in practice?' I also liked the idea that Aston accepted me as a student even that my first degree was not in teaching. Many universities told me that I would not be able to study because I did not have BA in teaching. However, they were wrong, I had 3 years teaching experience and sometimes teaching experience is better than just a degree. I did well at Aston University, thanks to Nur. I really appreciate that Nur looked at my experience rather than just diplomas and gave me the change to obtain MA from Aston University. 

I am going to teach TESOL for a couple of years and then I would like to become a director of Studies. At the moment I am working as a TESOL teacher at Asylum and Refugee House. I would like to gain more experience in the UK and then travel the world. Having a MA degree opens many doors!!!'' 

Employable Graduates; Exploitable Research