Khalid Miah

Khalid Miah H&S

It’s not everyday that one attends an invitation only event, and gets to rub shoulders with policy makers, ambassadors, and some of the finest minds from across Europe. I believe that networking matters, certainly in the business of politics and diplomacy. I owe it to the School of Languages & Social Sciences at Aston for helping me create those networks and for the opportunities that have since followed and continue to follow. 

After four years as an undergraduate with the School of Languages & Social Sciences and a spectacular placement year that took me to Asia and West Africa, I decided to join the renowned Aston Centre for Europe (ACE) to study for an MA on the EU and International Relations. Having developed a keen interest in Religion and Politics, and after many an exchange and disagreement with my tutors on their thoughts and arguments (which is certainly encouraged), I decided to return to develop my interest further and of course to benefit from the expertise of my tutors.

What’s more, the lectures and seminars are supplemented by visits from civil servants and diplomats as well as conferences that address the leading issues of the day concerning Europe and the World. Such events allow for the opportunity to network and to seek guidance for applications to coveted positions and internships in the UK and abroad. I’ve benefited from this myself having recently attended the 52nd Jung Königswinter Conference in Berlin, and as a director of an international NGO that works closely with the European Commission. I also frequently represent the UK in EU sponsored training courses overseas. I cannot help but feel the connection between the course of studies that I’ve pursued at Aston, and the course that my career seems to be taking. I am thus hopeful that my studies will take me even further as I aspire to a career in international diplomacy.

I owe it to the School of Languages & Social Sciences for helping me create networks and for the opportunities that have since followed.

Course studied:

MA in European Union and International Relations

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