Elvis Yevudey

Elvis Yevudey H&S

I chose Aston University due to the institution’s high academic and graduate employability reputation. Aston is one of the few institutions that have good reputation in Applied Linguistics specifically in the area of Forensic Linguistics. The modules on the programme are also thorough and focused.

Equally for graduate employability, Aston has been ranked recently as the 5th university in the UK and 1st outside London (2012 Sunday Times University Guide). These and other achievements of this dynamic institution provide an assurance when it comes to achieving one’s dream career.

Aston’s aim to promote ethnicity and cultural diversity, I think is a remarkable initiative as it is promoting rich environment for academic and personal development. Personally, my social capital has increased within the past couple of months, and these friends are contributing a lot  to my social and academic development.

There are institutions that award various scholarships to students but I think Aston University is one of the Institutions that go the extra mile. It is a fulfilling experience for me to win two scholarship awards from Aston for the 2011/2012 academic year. This is how ‘ASTONishing’ Aston could be.

Teaching and learning in Aston to me is a dynamic one. We have contacts with our module convenors for usually two hours of teachings and seminars with additional hours, where possible, for discussions. One interesting thing for me during my studies is adjusting to my new academic environment within a short possible time. Learning about things that are expected in our research works, structure of the works, referencing, meeting multiple deadlines, weekly presentations and many others. Also, we are challenged not to only appreciate anything we read but also to critically evaluate them. Developing these skills have not been so much a hassle as the experts in the Learning Development Centre are always there to support.

As the expertise in our courses are many with varying interests in Linguistics, bringing multiple convenors on the modules would enable us to appreciate each of the modules from multiple perspectives which will contribute to much appreciation of the modules. For example on the Forensic Linguistics modules, bringing the various experts to take some of the topics on the module will continue to increase our appreciation of the module from varying perspectives. These I think will continue to make the courses interesting.    

During my undergraduate, I have been introduced to General Linguistics which introduces me to various fields and theories in linguistics. Here at Aston, I have been introduced to Applied Linguistics where the general linguistic theories and practices are being applied in a given context, for example in the legal domain, media, education. Haven been introduced to this dynamic field, Linguistics, from these perspectives, which I will call all-rounded perspective, I will be able to achieve my aspiration of becoming a lecturer and researcher in Linguistics.

I chose Aston University due to the institution’s high academic and graduate employability reputation.

Course studied:

MA Applied Linguistics   

Excellent Different Distinctive