Andrés Torres

Andrés Torres H&S

Aston University was always my first option when I decided that I wanted to study for an MA. The main reason that attracted me to it was the amazing reputation it had, I would always hear good comments, and especially when talking to people who knew about the quality of teaching and about the strong reputation of the languages department.

Another very important reason was, of course, its location. Aston University is located just in the heart of Birmingham, within a short waking distance to all the places that the centre of the city can offer. The idea of finishing a lecture and being able to get to a shop or to a restaurant with my classmates in no more than five minutes really appealed to me. Besides, Birmingham has an astonishing city centre and you can literally see it from your classroom’s window!

The programme I chose offers an outstanding team of very knowledgeable, dynamic, enthusiastic and dedicated lecturers that make the whole experience worthwhile and very fruitful. They work hard throughout the year to assure that every detail is taken into account and to offer help whenever is needed. The quality of the course is very high in terms of practical and theoretical content. The combination of the two allows you to really develop your skills and prepares you for your future career in the best possible way. There is always a very friendly atmosphere and the relationship between students and lecturers is always very close. I loved going to every single of my lectures and I enjoyed every moment at Aston very much.

The course facilities and resources absolutely lived up to my expectations and proved to be what one would expect from a high standard, up-to-date university. The IT facilities were excellent, facilitating my work throughout the course. It is always very easy to find an available computer and all the technology needed to properly perform in a course like this. The library has just been refurbished and has become a very comfortable, peaceful and beautiful place to study and work. The student union is also very good, always helping students integrate quickly and organising all sorts of fun events. The sport facilities are exceptional.

Studying at Aston made a big difference to my life. It opened a wide range of career possibilities and eventually permitted me to find the job I was dreaming of, making me stand out from other candidates applying for it. I am currently working as an English teacher in a very good school back home (in Spain), and not only that, but I am also putting into practice all the skills that Aston helped me to learn and develop, such as my researching skills, since the school has chosen me to investigate on how to improve the quality of teaching in our institution. Aston University has definitely changed my life.

 The combination of practical and theoretical content allows you to really develop your skills and prepares you for your future career in the best possible way. 

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