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Our International Alumni Ambassadors share their experiences of studying at Aston Business School with students all over the world who consider applying for a course at Aston.

Feel free to contact our ambassadors if you have any questions about 'Aston Life', the Campus, the courses or living in the UK/Birmingham.

Please note the information our ambassadors provide is based on their own experience. For up to date information on admission requirements, visas and accommodation please click here.

Use the interactive map below to find out if there are Ambassadors for the country or course you are interested in.

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If you would like to contact one of our ambassadors, please use the form below. You can select whether you would like to speak to someone in particular or whether you would like to talk to someone who has completed a particular course or lives in a particular country (in which case we will select the best ambassador to answer your question).  

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Aston Alumni Ambassadors can give advice based on their own personal experiences of studying at Aston University. Their views do not represent the official views of the University. Ambassadors cannot give advice on Visas. For all enquiries related to Visas click here

For up to date information on course content and admission requirements, please email pgadmissions@aston.ac.uk