Double Degrees

Double Degrees PG
Why study abroad

Start your global career

If you plan to study your masters at Aston, a double degree is yours for the taking. 

The Double Degree programme is similar to an exchange opportunity, but you'll spend an additional year at one of our partner institutions meaning you will graduate with two masters degrees.

Deepen your learning and demonstrate dedication to your subject area. Make yourself stand out at interviews. Embrace a new culture in Europe.

Where to?

For our Double Degree programme, we partner with some of Europe's most highly ranked business schools. Each school shares Aston's philosophy for employability and offer courses that reflect the needs of industry.


EADA Business School

KEDGE Business School
Grenoble School of Management
EDHEC Business School
Católica Lisbon School of Business & Economics
EMLYON Business School
EDHEC Business School
Toulouse Business School 
MSc Double Degree Ecully Aston Business School
EMLYON Business School
MSc Double Degree Quebec Aston Business School
Université Laval (TBC)

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How to apply

You don't need to apply outright for the Double Degree programme. You will be made aware of the opportunity while you are studying at Aston. But you'll need a strong grade average and the ambition to study overseas.

There is a four-stage process to apply:

Apply for your preferred study placements

In February you will select up to three study abroad opportunities and submit an application to Aston Business School.


 If your application is successful, Aston Business School will nominate you for the opportunity with the partner institution.

Institution application

 You will then be informed by the partner university how to make a direct application.


 If your application is successful you will receive an acceptance letter from the partner institution.

Learn more about how to apply