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Completing my MSc has helped be gain the experience and knowledge I needed in the workplace. 
Ella Malin, MSc Accounting & Finance

The paths of Aston Business School MSc graduates are unique and inspiring. Below are a selection of firsthand accounts from alumni, sharing what they have gone on to do and their experience at Aston

Alfredo Argueta  - small

Alfredo Argueta: MSc International Business - Honduras

'I found that my UK Masters degree here has developed my international business perspective, allowing me to be more creative with business solutions, ideas and projects.'

Sutajit Donsukul  - small

Sutajit Donsukul: MSc International Business - Thailand'

Student life in Birmingham is great fun. There are many activities and events in the city which enabled me to meet lots of new people from a range of places and cultures.'

Punit Goyal  - small

Punit Goyal: MSc International Business - India

‘The best thing about Aston Business School is its location. Being in the heart of Birmingham, meant I could enjoy city life while still enjoying a unique and friendly campus lifestyle.’

Varun Makkar  - small

Varun Makkar: MSc International Business - India

'My MSc from Aston Business School equipped me with the knowledge and skills required for me to succeed in the global business marketplace.'

Sofia Mavridou - small

Sofia Mavridou: MSc International Business - Greece

'I would recommend the Aston MSc programme to anyone. I had a lovely time and really benefited from my studies'.

Ekaterina Polityko  - small

Ekaterina Polityko: MSc International Business - Russia

'The programme at Aston has given me confidence in my capabilities and knowledge.  Learning new skills to help me understand business situations ‘on the go’ has built up my experience.'

Jackie Zhuang - small

Jackie Zhuang: MSc International Business - China

'Aston is well-known for its business programmes which is also acknowledged by employers.'

Jitraporn Eua-Umpon - small

Jitraporn Eua-Umpon: International Business - Thailand

'Studying at Aston Business School has given me the chance to learn about many different cultures and I enjoyed the opportunities to work in teams of people from many different countries.'

Jim Yang  - small

Jim Yang: MSc Strategic Marketing Management - China

'Aston Business School has a global reputation, especially in marketing which I liked.  When I read one of my professor’s books while I was studying in China I decided to apply.'


Koyelia Sirkar: MSc Strategic Marketing Management - India

'Attend MSc Careers programme sessions! I got my first full time job through the links provided during one of these sessions.' 

Dimitrios Konstantinidis

Dimitrios Konstantinidis: MSc Strategy & International Business - Greece

'I realised this programme addressed all of the main areas in which I wanted to grow, and it gave me the flexibility to focus on strategy and strategy development.'

Khushboo Bhandari - small

Khushboo Bhandari: MSc HRM & Business - India

'Studying at Aston Business School has encouraged me to be more independent and self disciplined.  It increased my motivation and was great fun being apart of the University.'

Sayaka Ito  - small

Sayaka Ito: MSc HRM & Business - Japan

'My MSc has made a huge difference to my career.  My own potential and enthusiasm has improved and I would recommend anyone considering an MSc to look at Aston Business School.'

Ella Malin - small

Ella Malin: MSc Accounting & Finance - UK

'Completing my MSc has helped be gain the experience and knowledge I needed in the workplace.  My directors are really impressed with the qualification and mention it regularly to others.'

Sarojini Nallathamby  - small

Sarojini Nallathamby: MSc Business Studies - Sri-Lanka

'Aston is a brilliant place to study.  The quality of the teaching and the course content is of a very high standard and the time period means you get familiar with the environment immediately.'

Timothy So - small

Timothy So: MSc Work Psychology & Business - Hong Kong

'Aston Business School focuses equally on theoretical and practical issues.  As I aspire to pursue a PhD and work as a consultant, this programme gave me the training and skills I needed.'

Alumni News

Alumni News

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