What must I do next?

1) Read the Terms and Conditions as set out in the offer e-mail

By accepting our offer of a place, it is understood that you are also agreeing to accept the Terms and Conditions as set out in the offer e-mail.

2) Reply to our offer

Please confirm your acceptance of the offer by completing and returning the Offer Reply Form together with your deposit payment.  You can download the acceptance documents here

If you wish to pay for your deposit online please visit, www.aston.ac.uk/payments, and follow the link for 'quick pay'.  Please select 'tuition fee' as the payment type and remember to inform your Admissions Co-ordinator that you have paid your deposit.

3) Think about a visa if you are not resident in the UK

You will need to check whether you require a student visa for entering the UK to study. It is very important that you allow yourself plenty of time for making the necessary arrangements for obtaining a student visa. You will not be allowed into the UK without a visa if one is required.  In some countries, students may be required to apply for their visas at least 8 weeks or more before travelling. Please contact your nearest British High Commission or British Embassy to find out when you should apply and what the procedures are for applying.

Students from certain countries do not require visas to enter the UK, such as EU nationals, European Economic Area nationals and nationals of certain Commonwealth countries. However, we strongly recommend that you check with your nearest British Embassy or High Commission to ensure that you will not encounter any immigration problems upon your arrival in the UK.

If you do need a visa, please ensure that you obtain the correct visa. If you arrive in the UK as a visitor it may not be possible to become a student without going home first! If you intend to be a student here, then you must apply for a student visa. In order to get a student visa, you will have to be able to demonstrate the following to the Visa Officer at the British Embassy or High Commission:

  • That you have been offered a place on a full-time programme of study.
  • That you have sufficient funds/money to pay for the tuition fees, accommodation and all other living expenses. You will probably be required to produce bank statements in order to prove this.

To find out if you need a Visa, please visit the British government's website www.ukvisas.gov.uk.   This will also tell you how to apply for a visa and the location of your nearest British Embassy, High Commission or Consulate.